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Maloney and Midterm Mania

As Midterm Elections become increasingly relevant on the political landscape, the change of a certain House race’s status in New York could potentially serve as a massive signal for the environment in Congress this November.

On Monday, Oct. 24, the unbiased election analyzer Cook Political Report unexpectedly shifted the New York Democrat Rep. Sean Maloney’s House election status to “toss up.”

Initially, Cook Political Report labeled Rep. Maloney to be a “lean Democrat,” but the status changed. “When Republicans’ top Super PAC announced an ad buy against Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-17) in April, many assumed it was a gambit to distract the DCCC chair. But two weeks out from Election Day, Maloney finds himself simultaneously fighting for his political life in his Hudson Valley seat and desperately trying to prevent Democrats from being swept out of the House majority,” according to The Hill.

To make matters worse for Democrats, Rep. Maloney is the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Contributing to the possibility of a Republican congressional wave coming soon, a sitting DCCC Chair has not been flipped since 1992. This phenomenon only further displays how Democratic rule in Washington has even permeated Democratic strongholds of the country.

After the GOP spent close to $7 million on campaign ads against Rep. Maloney, the New York City suburban district constituents of the DCCC Chair voiced their opposition to the sitting representative, causing race predictions to tighten.

“The suburban New York City district backed Biden by 10 points… On Sunday, Maloney’s campaign admitted to Albany Times Union the race is tight,” according to Axios.

Maloney’s race woes only signal the American people’s discontent with the current political landscape of Congress and the ruling party in Washington, D.C. Constant failed promises, consistent economic disasters with no remediation and pointless political fiascos have led citizens to sticking it to the Democratic leadership, even in the bluest parts of the country.

The move by the GOP to even spend a substantial amount of money on campaign ads alone suggests Republicans might be seeing a large amount of support, especially since the move against the current DCCC Chair is bold. 

The Republican boldness indicates a shift in the Midterm Election winds towards the right as Democrats continue to campaign off of abortion legislation despite many voters, Democrats and Independents alike, being more concerned with other issues.

“‘We’re really worried about the Democratic Party,’ Ms. Campbell, a Maloney supporter, interjected as the congressman mentioned the party’s legislative accomplishments… ‘As he alluded to enthusiasm for defending abortion rights earlier this year,’ she insisted, ‘That’s not happening now!’” according to the New York Times.  

Democrat voters are becoming increasingly anxious from the Democratic Party’s horrid strategy of campaigning on issues not oriented as present concerns within the American public. 

Americans continue to be dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy, the reckless Democrat-led government spending in Congress and the dead-beat handling of multiple situations from the Left side of the aisle. As Democrats continue to decline calls from the American people, it seems with the signals from the status of Rep. Maloney’s House race, voters trust Republicans to answer their calls as the nation anxiously awaits the November Midterm Election results.

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