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DeSantis Dominion

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has captivated the country with his recent landmark wins in the Florida Legislature. The state’s achievements have also led to increasingly relevant speculation about whether the Sunshine State’s governor and GOP rising star is preparing for a 2024 Presidential bid.

On Saturday, Feb. 12, Governor Ron DeSantis secured multiple important legislative wins in his state, wins ranging from immigrant relocation, state college and university curriculum changes and wider prosecution for election-related crimes.

Additionally, interviewed sources have discussed further plans DeSantis has for Florida, including the installation of “hand-picked loyalists like Collins in the Republican-controlled state legislature who could then help ensure passage of proposals on guns, abortion and other Republican red-meat issues…providing DeSantis with a strong record of conservative wins,” according to Reuters.

DeSantis’ successful conservative agenda has thrusted the governor into national limelight, especially his effective policies in faith, family and American culture war values. Most notably, though, is how DeSantis has focused on upholding and ensuring election integrity in Florida.

“Another contentious bill that made its way through the legislature this week includes a measure seeking to crack down on election-related crimes. Florida lawmakers approved legislation that would give state prosecutors authority to charge residents with election violations, building on DeSantis’s previous efforts to crack down on election fraud,” according to the Washington Examiner.

To add to DeSantis’ list of successes, the governor’s promise to crack down on election-related crimes led to the exposure of multiple violators who voted with past criminal convictions. 

However, “Judges tossed out several of those cases, ruling the Office of Statewide Prosecution does not have jurisdiction over election fraud cases. The new bill would change that, giving state prosecutors that authority,” according to the Washington Examiner

The Governor of Florida’s pledge to keep Florida elections safe only highlights DeSantis’ effectiveness when allocating conservative policy towards sought after needs of the public. When the people ask, DeSantis delivers, as any elected official should… the federal government should take notes.

In Nov. of 2022, DeSantis won a second term by the widest election margin of any Florida governor candidate in 40 years and gained a Republican supermajority in the state legislature. These massive wins have led many to think DeSantis is securing Florida’s conservative future before a possible presidential bid for 2024. 

Being one of the most talked about candidates among the GOP and Republican voters next to former President Donald Trump, the legislative moves by DeSantis seem to hint at a possible conservative comeback for Washington, D.C..

“‘DeSantis has yet to make a final decision on a presidential run,’ those close to him told Reuters. ‘But he is reaching out to potential staff and donors, raising money, and traveling around the country to raise his profile,’” according to Reuters

After a record of conservative accomplishments for Florida and the GOP, speculation about the success DeSantis could bring to the Republican Party on the national stage is only growing. The effective policy, intelligence, determination, strength, conservatism and common sense Ron DeSantis could bring back to the White House serves as a symbol: a beacon of hope, recovery and advancing voice for America.

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