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It’s my birthday, I can drink if I want to

There aren’t many rules on Oklahoma Christian University’s campus that I have a huge desire to break. I never really had a problem with freshman curfew (what’s open after midnight in Oklahoma anyway?). I actually kind of like the convenience of living on campus, and don’t think I’d move off campus even if I had the option. I don’t mind chapel because even if it’s boring or I don’t agree with what’s being said, it’s only 20 minutes long. I don’t even own yoga pants, so I didn’t cry like the rest of the Oklahoma Christian community when they got banned. But I really hate one rule.

In about a month, I’ll be turning 21. I’ll be home. I’ll be perfectly capable of driving to Chili’s, getting a small drink with my meal and driving home afterwards. Unfortunately, because of the contract I signed three years ago, I can’t do that in good conscience. I’m a fan of keeping promises, so I don’t want to break that pact, but why was that part of the deal to begin with? I was born and raised Church of Christ and I never felt like drinking – in moderation – was a sin until I came here. I can understand not being allowed to drink on campus. However, it just seems ludicrous to ban drinking altogether. We’re all adults; why can’t we make adult decisions?

I’ve heard horror stories (all rumors until you know they’re true) of Oklahoma Christian requiring students who live at home to have parents sign away their right to have alcohol in their home. These accounts even go so far as to say that Oklahoma Christian reserves the right to search their home at any time for alcohol. What the heck? Even if you don’t consider my 20 years of age enough to warrant the rights of adulthood, surely you would agree that 40-plus years of living (39, actually, in my mom’s case) has earned my parents the right to drink. After raising me, I think they need a few!

I’m not suggesting that Oklahoma Christian install a margarita mixer next to the Icee machine in the caf or that we receive an ANY HOUR HAPPY HOUR coupon along with our staple Alfredo’s and Chick-fil-A flyers on move-in day. I don’t expect to have a fundraiser for an African mission trip at a bar – although that would probably be pretty lucrative. I just want to be able to make my own decision about whether or not I have a drink next month.


Alyssa Dickerson is a junior at Oklahoma Christian University

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