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Push for Parental Permission and Protection

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin made recent national news with their legislative plans to address school policy regarding gender theory and pronoun usage. Both Youngkin and Scott’s proposals could set policy precedent for thousands of schools across the United States.

On Sept. 20th, Sen. Tim Scott pushed to ban federal funding for elementary and middle schools who do not receive consent from the parents of a child who wishes to be referred to by a different pronoun or name. 

The Republican from South Carolina has gained support for his stance, especially since it concerns schooling and the molding of minds among American youth. After a Fairfax County Public Schools program from Virginia showed teachers being lectured about allowing students to alter their name and pronouns without the consent of a parent made headlines, Sen. Scott introduced national legislation, named the Protect Kids Act, on Tuesday. 

Sen. Scott expressed concern for exposing children in elementary and middle schools to name-changing and pronoun usage in public schools without parental consent: “Schools exist to educate children – not indoctrinate them. A quality education requires input from those who know children best: their parents. Sadly, radical and secretive gender policies have shut parents out of the conversation and broken their trust,” Scott said via the Washington Examiner

The movement to cut parents out of their children’s lives, isolating them in liberal educational policy, is utterly disastrous. The exposure of Fairfax County Public Schools has motivated Senator Scott, but should also motivate hundreds of thousands of parents across the nation to resist secretive moves and actions by public schools who feel the need to separate children from their parents by using  these destructive ideologies.

In response to Fairfax County, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin replied with concerns similar to those of Sen. Scott. The Youngkin administration issued new model education policies which restrict students to their own biological bathrooms – hardly something they should even need to establish.

These new policies also use the authority of the state to prohibit school districts from forcing teachers to comply with name changes or pronoun usage, which in turn, allows teachers with opposite beliefs to not have to adhere to forceful ideological directives imposed by the public school system and school districts.

Virginia’s new education policies also make it more difficult for students to change their names in official schools records, especially without parental consent. From a recent article from Axios, Governor Youngkin’s Press Secretary, Macaulay Porter, stated to the Associated Press the “updated policy ‘delivers on the governor’s commitment to preserving parental rights and upholding the dignity and respect of all public school students.’’’

Youngkin’s actions, simply put, restore the influence of normalization and prevent radical gender ideology from reaching thousands of children whose parents do not want the state school system to decide what is taught to their kids. The public school system may be funded and governed by the state, but the state must also ensure parental rights are protected and upheld. It does not matter what the curriculum is, if it is taught and instructed with the school system skirting around parental involvement in their childrens’ lives, the curriculum must be examined and restricted.

Youngkin issued a statement in response to criticism: “‘Parents have the right to instill in and nurture values and beliefs for their own children and make decisions concerning their children’s education and upbringing in accordance with their customs, faith and family culture,’” according to a recent piece from The Federalist.

Virginia Governor Youngkin and Sen. Tim Scott’s actions legislatively uphold parents’ rights to their child’s educational transparency as well as restrict unwarranted curriculum or instructional intrusion for young children based on radical, biased ideology. Legislative protection is the main highway to protect and nurture the next generation of Americans across the country.

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