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The merging of two kingdoms

Written by: Charles Swanson


As a Champion for the United Nations Foundation, I have noticed there is no greater call for the Kingdom of God than to be at work, to shape the future of such a pinnacle organization as the United Nations. I was able to attend the Social Innovation Summit at the U.N. and see my favorite scripture engraved on the wall outside.

“They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Neither shall they learn war anymore.” –Isaiah 2:4

On May 3, 2012, while also meeting political figures, executives, entrepreneurs and teachers at the U.N., my childhood dream turned into a reality. The Social Innovation Summit enlightened me to view vocations as ministries instead of working without purpose and obligation. Political figures and executives encouraged me to keep pursuing my passions. For example, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, an African stateswomen, wanted to meet me. She said God was calling me to the United Nations. I was thinking to myself, “I’m not qualified to be a light to the nations.”

Well, God had his own plan for my life, and seven months later I was chosen to become a Champion to the United Nations Foundation Shot@Life program. Shot@Life and the United Nations Foundation influence policymakers to endorse sustainable programs that impact our world.

For example, Shot@Life allows children under the age of five to access vaccines that we have in the United States. This will allow children to grow up and live healthy lives, to become educated and to then contribute to their communities and the world. Shot@Life is not just a goodwill campaign so supporters feel good, but also a movement that is shaping the future of health and global sustainability. Charity is great, but we are going to war with the rising global challenges that our future embraces. Before I call my fellow students and Oklahoma Christian University faculty members to action, know this: I hate asking for help, but I know I would be a fool to not ask intelligent and talented minds, especially the ones in the Kingdom of God, to help.

God has called us to use our talents and wisdom to shape the policies of our nation and the United Nations. There is a growing demand and global responsibility for us as Kingdom people to accomplish the prophetic words outside the United Nations headquarters. The calling is not just for me, but God is asking for your help to become consumers of the light and restorers to the nations.

The United Nations appreciates our supporters and respects all nationalities and beliefs. But for the prophetic words posted outside the U.N., I do not apologize. This scripture fuels the values of the U.N. and allows leaders like you and I to work and create through a divine power that is beyond our own strength.

I have no special sign yet, but the U.N. is calling all majors and people from different walks of life to join a growing organization that takes measures to become a more secure and prosperous global family. We are not only consumers but also producers of great ideas. Our innovations must be watered to become a reality and to help serve the nations we live and thrive in as Kingdom people. Queen Mother inspired me to answer the call; now I am calling you to serve and support the U.N. for such a time as this.


Charles Swanson is a senior at Oklahoma Christian University

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