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The Real Trump Hero

If there is one Trump who deserves some limelight, it is the daughter speaking out for women’s empowerment.

It is no secret Ivanka Trump’s father, President Trump, has a hideous track record of misogyny and sexist remarks against women. President Trump is even quoted saying a wife in the workplace is “dangerous” and is known to call women a slur of names such as “slobs,” “fat pigs” and “dogs”—yikes.

Yet, Ivanka is a shimmer of light in the dark tunnel of this president’s treatment toward women, and even women’s issues not only in this country, but all around the world.

Despite her father’s history of blatant sexism, Ivanka has stepped up to the plate as the daughter of a president to put her dreams to work. Because of her father’s platform, Ivanka has been placed on a pedestal and she is using it to her advantage.

Ivanka has pushed women’s empowerment since her father’s election, including publishing her book, “Women Who Work,” and by providing a key voice in tax reform. Earlier this month, Ivanka traveled to Japan to speak at the Tokyo Summit on Women’s Advancement.

Several news sources highlighted the “half-empty” room Ivanka was met with in Tokyo, but what they failed to cover was Ivanka’s purpose for being there.

Ivanka was not there to be met with a room swelling with a huge mass of fans. Although I am sure she would have enjoyed the encouragement, Ivanka was serving a purpose greater than herself, and a purpose near and dear to the hearts of thousands of women.

Instead of receiving praise for her work in international women’s rights, news media has decided to cut Ivanka down based on a cruel bias against her father. I personally believe Ivanka and President Trump share many differences, and although media criticizes her for supporting her father, perhaps she is utilizing the position she has been gifted.

Ivanka is a role model for women not only in the U.S. but across the world.


For one, although Ivanka is often portrayed as the rich, affluent daughter of our now-president, she worked to become the woman she is today. She graduated cum laude from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania business school and used her talents to pursue careers not only in the professional workplace but also in modeling and fashion.

In a world celebrating women for their body, face or status, Ivanka stands out among the rest. She is not just a pretty face—she is a pretty face with a strong voice, and that voice will not be silent, despite the negative picture media attempts to paint of her.



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