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Total Return to Tradition: Speaker Johnson

Rep. Mike Johnson, the newly elected Speaker of the House, has come under rigorous examination from the media after his ascension to Congress’ most powerful position.

After ousting former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the House of Representatives elected Louisiana representative Mike Johnson for the highest leadership role Congress has to offer, Democrats and Republicans alike. 

Quite different from McCarthy and outspoken about his personal beliefs, national news media has been in a flurry after Johnson made his stance on a multitude of issues and policies clear.

Notably, in his first international speech, Johnson detailed his vision for the United States and what positive values the House would continue to encourage in America and abroad.

Speaker Johnson reportedly asked his audience to ponder on thinking points such as “‘How do we restore good governance and restore faith in our institutions,’ how to ‘re-focus on the family and strengthen the social fabric that ties us all together,’ along with ‘the best way to deliver reliable and affordable energy’ and finally: ‘how do we sell the idea that the best answers to these questions are the keys to greater human flourishing across the globe?

‘The answers to these and other key questions will form our optimistic vision, and what we’re calling our better story,’” according to Fox News.

Almost immediately after being elected, Speaker Johnson brought cultural issues to the forefront of the national and international stage, referencing the identity crisis of the Western region of the world.

“[Johnson] praised the ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’ and ‘classical liberal’ values that he said shaped the West…Johnson cited the ‘unprecedented times’ both at home and abroad – including ‘political divides’ in the U.S. and a ‘crisis of identity’ in the western world as a whole.” 

However, mainstream media outlets and companies have thrown scathing accusations about Johnson’s beliefs as a Christian. In typical fashion, critics have overlooked his passion for furthering America amidst decline and raked the new House Speaker over his personal faith.

Members of the liberal side of the political spectrum find Johnson’s cultural views disturbing and have reported on his past voting records, which are now conveniently relevant among the media: “Johnson has also co-sponsored legislation by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., called the Protect Children’s Innocence Act, which would make it a crime to provide gender-affirming care to people under 18 years of age,” according to NBC News.

Johnson accredits what the media labels his ‘radical Christian fundamentalist ideas’ to the natural laws of right and wrong, which Johnson believes have come from God or a natural Creator:

“‘If we don’t have a heavenly boss who tells us what’s right and wrong, then we define it for ourselves,’ Johnson is quoted saying in a recap of his speech from Louisiana Christian University,” according to Business Insider.

Despite a unanimous House vote from both political parties, Johnson was asked about his thoughts on his election and what it could mean for the nation and the world. Johnson answered with a positive outlook on how America can make a comeback and return Uncle Sam, as well as the West, to the traditional values that once made the region great.

“‘[D]emocracy can be messy, and thankfully, I believe the United States Congress and our entire nation has re-emerged now as a beacon of liberty for the world as a result of all this,’ Johnson said toward the beginning of his speech.

‘The House is back in session as we say here. Now look, I believe God brings leaders together to address certain challenges, just as I believe the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship has been called together this week to begin the challenging work of pushing back on the failed visions that currently plague the West,’” according to Fox News.

Johnson seems to be a breath of fresh air amidst the ongoing conflict of the Russo-Ukrainian War and the Israel-Hamas War. 

The West has struggled with its identity over recent years, especially with overseas conflict propelling America at the forefront of foreign aid and involvement arguments. 

Johnson’s words about returning to peaceful, faith-centered values are more than welcome, perhaps even in need of heeding by American leaders, politicians and the Western world.

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