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Trump and his love for conspiracy

First it was his failure to condemn the Proud Boys and white supremacy in the first presidential debate against Joe Biden, now it is his pandering to conspiracy theories that are not only false but dangerous.

President Donald Trump has seemingly shifted his rhetoric from avoiding conversation regarding debunked conspiracy theories, to endorsing them. 

On Wednesday, Trump retweeted not one but two conspiracy theories claiming Seal Team Six did not actually kill Osama Bin Laden rather they killed a body double and in consequence then President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the Seal Team killed while flying back to base.

He defended his decision to give voice to this baseless theory in Thursday’s town hall saying, “it’s just someone’s opinion, people can decide for themselves if it’s true or not.”

Excuse me what? That’s not how it works. Trump — the President of the United States like it or not — does not get to spread misinformation knowingly and allow people to decide for themselves if it’s true. He has a duty to the American people to lead and guide them, not spread misinformation and deceive them.

Robert O’neill, Trump supporter and former Seal Team Six team member who claims to have been the one to kill Bin Laden, said on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show Wednesday night that Trump was “dancing on the graves” of the real heroes. O’neill also stated that every member of Seal Team Six is still alive.

During the town hall Trump also gave airtime to his all but endorsement of the baseless conspiracy theory QAnon — a debunked conspiracy theory which believes celebrities and politicians are all part of a devil worshiping kabal of pedophiles and that Trump has been sent from God to save them. 

When asked about QAnon, Trump said he doesn’t know much about them but he does know they “hate pedophelia” and that they seem good.

The claim that Trump doesn’t know anything about QAnon is just blatantly false unless he somehow doesn’t read his security briefs. His own FBI director labeled QAnon as a potential domestic terrorist threat.

His answer to that question all but endorsed QAnon and gave its followers the reassurance they need to continue down this lost path. 

This reality is sad and upsetting but Trump has continuously endorsed groups that are dangerous and downright evil. From the Proud Boys to QAnon, Trump does not seem to think that these groups deserve his condemnation rather the deserve his subtle support and stamp of approval.

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