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A new season with a new coach for women’s soccer

Oklahoma Christian University women’s soccer will start their season with new Head Coach Evan Dresel at the helm. 

Dresel coached at Mid-America Christian University for 15 years, and he brings passion and experience to Oklahoma Christian. 

“I have a ton of passion about what I do,” Dresel said. “I take a ton of pride in coaching players; I love training.” 

Dresel said the transition was not difficult for him from a technical standpoint since he has coached for so long, but the shift had its challenges. 

“The biggest challenge at first was leaving a school I’ve been at for almost 15 years and not having a lot of time to get acclimated before we started training,” Dresel said. 

Dresel said the Oklahoma Christian athletic department made the transition easier despite how fast it was. 

“It’s been pretty easy to come in and hit the ground running,” Dresel said. “There weren’t many challenges besides getting comfortable.” 

Dresel brings a history of winning after having 15 successful years at Mid-America Christian University. 

“I do bring a pedigree of winning with me; I know what goes into a winning team,” Dresel said. “I’m expecting us to build a winning program.” 

Dresel said this may take time and cannot be rushed.

“It will take this season to develop a foundation of what we want to do moving forward,” Dresel said. “This season needs to be a springboard into next season.” 

Coming in with a new mindset for the team, Dresel said he is taking things on a day-to-day basis and not getting too far ahead of himself. 

“I’m not even thinking about games right now. I’m thinking about building that culture of competing,” Dresel said. “I expect us to win every day in training. If you do that it will carry over to the field.” 

One obstacle Dresel said he noticed during training was the difference in how he saw players compared to the previous coaching staff. 

Dresel said he may see a player in a position they have never played in Oklahoma Christian’s program. 

“Every coach sees players differently; it’s just getting to know the players,” Dresel said. 

Dresel said he is pleased with the way things have gone so far, and he likes what he is seeing from the team. 

“Everything has moved fast so far,” Dresel said. “We have to keep building.” 

Dresel has told the team they are in this together.

“I’ve won zero games at OC, we are starting this together,” Dresel said.

Oklahoma Christian women’s soccer looks to breakout this season with a new leader as games approach faster by the day.

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