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A senior night to remember for Eagle Soccer

Oklahoma Christian University women’s soccer season came to a disappointing close this past week losing to Texas A&M Commerce 3-0. But not before an unforgettable senior night just a week prior. 

Despite a losing record, it was a senior night to remember for Brianna Concienne. The Lady Eagles tied the top team in the country, Dallas Baptist University, on March 24 by a score of 2-2.

“I could not think of a better way to come out of your senior game, truly.” Concienne said.

Concienne scored in the 87th minute to put the Eagles up by one, only for DBU to bounce back a score the equalizer just two minutes later.

“I feel like we could’ve won. I think we are all just excited after the second goal and forgot to flip back into game mode.”  Concienne said. “However, I am not at all disappointed, because I know that we all played our best and each one of us left our hearts out on the field that night. That’s all I could ever ask for from my team.”

Concienne went on about her senior night to remember.

It also helped that we had a pretty big fan section that was so live during the game.” Concienne said. “I think it really made us play better.”

The senior forward does not remember much emotions until after the final whistle. 

“honestly, there weren’t many emotions going through me at the time. I was really just excited to play dbu, because each year it is always one of our better games. I was gonna go out there and just play my heart out, because I knew it would be the last time I would probably play on that field.” Concienne said.

This proved to be difficult on and off the field for Oklahoma Christian.

“I think that this season was obviously different than any other season I have ever played, but I think looking at it as a whole I can see how far this team has come.” Concienne said.

The senior expects the program to take off from here saying she expects them to get better from here.

Despite the difficulties, Concienne claimed that this was her favorite year of soccer yet at Oklahoma Christian.

“Probably my favorite year out of all the years I’ve played. I think going out on a senior night with a game like that, is something I really didn’t know if I was going to achieve.” Concienne said.

She continued regarding the unforgettable season.

“The team got a lot closer this year as friends, and I genuinely enjoyed every second I got with them.” Concienne said.

It was truly a senior night to remember for Brianna Concienne and the other seniors that played their final game on home turf.

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