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Spring Rush in full swing, encourages students to rush

Oklahoma Christian University’s social service clubs hosted spring rush events last week, in an effort to persuade freshmen and other students to rush in the fall.

Psi Epsilon held the ‘Baconator,’ Iota Kappa Phi held a milk and cookies event, Kappa Sigma Tau had a Chick-Fil-A nuggets and game night and Gamma Rho served donuts and coffee for their respective rush events. Theta Theta Theta held a camo-themed snacks and game night, Chi Lambda Phi hosted a day of miniature golf and Phi Omega Nu threw a fiesta complete with music and a piñata.

Freshman Lauren Slagell said she plans on rushing in the spring and is interested in joining a club because she wants to be a part of a community with similar values to her own.

“When you rush a club, you are looking for people with the same ideals as you,” Slagell said. “I think that plays into the idea of fellowship a little bit. You are looking for, in my case, a group of girls who are Christians and willing to talk about their faith and share experiences. I think it is important for Christians to be a part of groups like that.”

Slagell said she believes having clubs at Oklahoma Christian is good for the students because it helps members stay involved on campus.

“I think it is beneficial individually for your mental health,” Slagell said. “I do not think it is good for people to stay alone and just kind of be doing homework constantly, and I think it is important for people to get involved and kind of enjoy themselves and be a part of something. It helps people to not just be cooped up, because you have a whole group of people to keep you accountable.”

Cade Deister, another freshman interested in rushing next year, said he really enjoyed the Chi putt-putt event, where the freshman class was invited to play mini-golf with the members of the club.

“It was on a Saturday morning and it was really cold because it was snowing, but we still went,” Deister said. “We all dressed up in these crazy outfits and then we had a mini-golf tournament. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting to know a lot of the guys in Chi. I knew some of them, but I did not know a lot of the members collectively. It was a really cool experience to get a taste of what the club is like.”

Deister said one of the reasons he wants to rush is because he believes being in a club will improve his college experience.

“I think that being in a club lets you get to know a lot more people,” Deister said. “It kind of gives you a little bit of a status as a club member. Also, obviously, Spring Sing looks like a lot of fun. I did not get to do freshman Spring Sing, but I think club Spring Sing would be really cool. Just the whole experience of more events to go to and I guess a closer-knit community you get pretty easily being in a club—I think that is a really attractive trait.”

Deister said that he thinks clubs add a lot of activity and vibrancy to Oklahoma Christian’s campus.

“I think without them we would not have Spring Sing, which is a huge event and is a huge way for OC to get recruitment,” Deister said. “I also think that the social clubs provide tradition and a sense of community culture that we would not really have. We would probably have a lack of connection if we did not have that sense of culture and the clubs being there to represent smaller communities within the big OC community.”

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