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New approach to Ethos reduction for athletes

Athletes at Oklahoma Christian University are experiencing a slight change to their normal ethos reduction in the 2021 fall semester. 

Student athletes will get a reduction for their Ethos credits, but unlike previous years athletes will not experience their reduction all at once. Instead, as athletes miss days of class, required ethos credits will be taken off when necessary as the semester progresses. 

Ethos Director, Summer Lashley, explained the new system. 

“Athletes don’t need to apply for a reduction because they automatically get reduced when they miss class for athletics,” Lashley said. “So, each time you get excused for missing class, you are also getting an Ethos reduction.” Lashely said. 

Furthermore, Lashely said if athletes need a further reduction for events that fall outside of the regular excused days on the team’s schedule, coaches will notify the Ethos office beforehand. 

These rules are in effect for both NCAA sanctioned athletes as well as the various club sports at Oklahoma Christian. 

“Our athletes are great about going to chapel, and we often brag to other universities that our athletes participate in Ethos. We never have any problem with them getting their requirements each semester,” Lashley said. “This speaks so highly of all of your character and integrity, and it means a lot to me.” 

Sophomore and student athlete Logan Edwards said he was relieved to hear of this news. 

“Getting a bunch of chapel credits can be really difficult, especially when we are in season traveling most weeks,” Edwards said. 

Second year bowler Josh Camper also said he was happy about the reduction.

“Even in a sport like bowling, we miss a lot of classes for our tournaments. It’s nice to have one less thing to worry about,” Camper said. Despite recent rumors claiming athletes would not receive reductions, athletes are receiving their normal reduction for Ethos via a new method.

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