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Spring rush blooming with new rushees

Social service clubs at Oklahoma Christian University are at the peak of their season with events like Spring Sing, spring rush and banquets. During this spring semester, rush events and Spring Sing preparations have adjusted to various COVID-19 regulations, adding to the busyness. In light of this, new rushees for each social club came inclined to join a club despite all the possible variables impeding a full club experience.

Sophomore Katie Dallimore decided it would all be worth it when she attended Gamma Rho’s spring rush events in search of a supportive group of people. 

“They were not putting too much emphasis on it being a rush event but they were all still talking to me and trying to get to know me,” Dallimore said.

There are so many easy ways to be plugged in on campus and club activities are a great way to have a fruitful college experience.

“You got a lot of attention from the club which made it seem really special because they actually remembered me,” Dallimore said.

Spring rush presents crucial first impressions of the clubs, and Iota Kappa Phi Rush Director, Jacqueline Kim, wanted to allow for safe gatherings and wonderful fellowship of friends.

“Iota just does a really good job of keeping up the hype even when it’s not an ideal situation; we’ll go crazy for anything,” Kim said.

The 2021 spring semester has brought forward some challenges as COVID-19 is still active and students are trying to stay healthy with the given circumstances.

“Even after having to reschedule our event and move things around it ended up not being exactly what we wanted it to be,” Kim said. “But Iota brought it to life and made it a good time for the rushees.”

COVID-19 restrictions have caused a domino effect of consequences at Oklahoma Christian, as events like study abroad  typically affect attendance at these social gatherings.

“I didn’t think we were going to have any new rushees because we usually have people who travelled abroad,” Kim said. “I was surprised we actually had people who wanted to rush us.”

The challenges of staying safe within the social service club events will provide a suitable example for future functions.

“You have to be on top of everyone wearing masks, which is another hurdle, but in the end we’ll do what we need to do to still be able to gather together and have a good time,” Kim said.

These guidelines did not prevent spring rush from having the relaxed atmosphere and enjoyable activities which help new members transition into the club dynamic.

“They all handled the regulations really well; it was just a huge learning experience in the fall and now it has become normal,” Dallimore said.

Events for spring rush included painting parties, girls and guys nights and relaxed get-to-know activities. 

“We had an event where we painted canvases and I talked to people and got to know a lot of the club members,” Dallimore said.

New members will have the opportunity to commit and enjoy more of the club environment with future events.

“I have high hopes the next directors will have been through COVID-19 enough to be able to work around obstacles and make it more ideal for future rushees,” Kim said.

With spring rush arriving to an end, Dallimore is ready for this new season of college life and looks forward to experiencing a full rush season in the upcoming fall semester.

“I look forward to meeting the freshman turning into sophomores getting to experience a new Gamma rush,” Dallimore said.

Despite COVID-19 related barriers toward club gatherings, the 2021 spring rush was a success as rushees have the chance to experience the club atmosphere. They have the opportunity to participate in all that club has to offer as they prepare for the next group of rushees.

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