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Alumna starts Easy Freezy Freezer Meals to alleviate the stress of cooking

Oklahoma Christian University alumna Roxanne Foster started Easy Freezy Freezer Meals, a small business designed to ease the stress of cooking in the kitchen for people on the go. Foster, a mother of three children under five, created the concept after the frustration of planning meals each night.

“I launched it really quickly without a whole lot of planning,” Foster said. “I knew I was capable of figuring it out because of my business experience and my life experience. I wasn’t concerned about figuring [the minor details] out, but once I started it, it just exploded.”

By combining Foster’s love of math and dedication to service, she said she thought of the idea. Originally, Foster said Easy Freezy targeted busy families, but once word about Easy Freezy spread, different audiences jumped on board.

“We also have a handful of older families who are tired of cooking all the time and would like some ease to their life,” Foster said. “I have a handful of single guys who it has really made an impact on their life—when they used to go and grab a cheeseburger and now they can have home cooked meals—but mostly, families with young children, families with older children in sports and families that lead really busy lives and don’t have time to cook.”

Foster said the first month they sold 75 bundles, 125 the second month and then 225 the third month. The business grew exponentially and Foster said the overwhelming success led her and her husband to a difficult conversation concerning their full-time jobs.

“Our business started on the side, and around October, it got so intense we had to have a hard conversation in our house,” Foster said. “My husband worked at Paycom full time and I worked at a nonprofit full time. We had to decide if we were going to jump in feet first and put all our efforts into Easy Freezy.”

According to Foster, her time at Oklahoma Christian gave her a well-rounded education by having teachers invest in her personally. Foster said she values learning how to problem-solve and treat people, a skill she developed at Oklahoma Christian and has carried over into the world of small business.

On the weekends, Foster said she hires stay-at-home moms and during the week she hires Oklahoma Christian college kids to help with the endeavor. One student, senior Tyler Clark, said he applied to be executive assistant after seeing an advertisement posted in the College of Business Administration email.

“I did some research on the company and the owner, an OC grad, and applied,” Clark said. “After dusting off my resume and interviewing, I got the job along with a few other OC students. So far, the job has consisted of picking up massive grocery orders, sorting through company documents, unwrapping hundreds of individually wrapped chicken bullion cubes and much more.”

Beyond gaining experience working with a startup business, Clark said he has been encouraged by Foster’s example as a Christian in the business world.

“At the interview, she made it clear she loved Jesus and that has been evident through her work and generosity,” Clark said. “Since joining the EF family, Mrs. Foster has raised money to provide supplies for Oklahoma teachers and has donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma through OC SGA’s Spring Sing philanthropy efforts. Mrs. Foster makes me that much more proud to go to OC.”

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