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Introducing the Spring Sing hosts for 2021

Spring Sing is three weeks away, and with the club shows coming together, the Spring Sing hosts are preparing for the stage. Host auditions occurred in February, and they launched into rehearsals as soon as they were announced.

The hosts range from first-timers to well-seasoned students, but they all have a passion for Spring Sing traditions. Freshman Cayden Abrams jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Spring Sing.

“I love being on the stage and performing,” Abrams said. “I mostly auditioned for the experience, since I’m a freshman and freshmen aren’t usually Spring Sing hosts, but I was chosen anyway.”

Abrams is no stranger to the stage and she comes alive while performing on the Oklahoma Christian University stage, even if her first Spring Sing will be unlike the past shows.

“Even in the middle of a pandemic we are blessed to have a school which still allows performances while also following COVID-19 guidelines,” Abrams said.

Senior Ansel Jeffries, who has also never participated in Spring Sing until now, thought his track and field commitment would prevent him from auditioning. 

“I just had to put it all out there, and I am very grateful they chose me, even with the private audition dilemma,” Jeffries said.

The club atmosphere is not for everyone, so hosting allows another option to participate in Spring Sing.

“I had never thought about joining a club, so the host position stood out to me,” Jeffries said. “I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.”

Sophomore Kelan Owen said he is used to the performing world, and he looks forward to being a part of such an exciting event.

“I am ready for the crowds of people coming to watch Spring Sing, which is all the payment a performer needs,” Owen said.

The Spring Sing theatrics comes naturally to Owen and he knows, no matter how different this spring semester has been from the past, it will still be as exciting as ever.

“I think the spirit of Spring Sing will always remain, no matter what,” Owen said. “Spring Sing is where the whole school can come together and it is one of the best parts of the year.”

Each new set of hosts brings a new dynamic to Spring Sing with new ideas, and senior Destiny Bentley is joining this year’s group.

“I am just really looking forward to performing with this particular group because we sound good,” Bentley said.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Bentley has continued performing this year, and she has had years of singing experience.

“I basically wanted to be a part of different things every year,” Bentley said. “I was a host my freshman year, then I performed with my club and last year I was in the band, and this year I am a host again for my last year.”

Passion for music is not uncommon with the Spring Sing hosts, including junior Samantha King who hopes to bring an exciting personality to the Spring Sing stage.

“I was in this year’s Cabaret and a lot of people commented about how great it was to be able to attend live music again,” King said. “Normalcy is so important to me and I want to give people that joy of music again.”

Spring Sing traditions run deep and are not ignored by King who is savoring every moment of the Spring Sing process.

“The same traditions are going to be implemented just with a little twist and I think everyone is so pumped to even be doing it,” King said.

Junior James LaRue also hopes to add his own charisma to the stage. 

“I’ve always loved singing, but I’ve never really done anything with it. With my background being in sports, that was all I used to focus on,” LaRue said.

Beyond singing and dancing, Spring Sing is about coming together as a campus, even in times of uncertainty.

“The special thing about this year is the different look it will have and I believe being outside will allow for less stress,” LaRue said. “I think about the health and safety of everyone involved.”

All the hosts are practicing vigorously and are ready to bring a smile to audiences’ faces. This is a chance to show the “true colors” of the campus and to have fun while doing it.

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