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Oklahoma Christian University alumni create online marketing company

Oklahoma Christian University alumni are giving back to the community by offering discounted online marketing to nonprofits at the marketing company, T&S Online Marketing.

Tim and Leann Priebe own T&S Online Marketing in Edmond, OK. The couple met during their time at Oklahoma Christian and have since built a business and a family, which includes their sons Joshua, Jackson and Jacob.

“I liked OC so much, I went for seven years,” Tim said. “I was a Bible major for four years, took a year off, then went back for computer science. We met my freshman year and Josh was born finals week of my senior year.”

Although online marketing seemed natural for Tim because of his degree, Leann said she never dreamed of owning a business and did not want to start T&S initially.

“I graduated in four years with my business degree,” Leann said. “I had sat in a class and heard about all the problems that could come from owning your own business and thought, ‘I will never do that, that is the dumbest idea,’ and look where I am now.”

Tim said T&S began in 2003. After teaching himself to build websites, he said the marketing aspect came naturally. The Priebe’s said helping clients, employees and friends is their favorite aspect about what they do.

T&S also works with local organizations such as Family Builders—a nonprofit dedicated to stopping the abuse cycle and solving issues of family violence. Executive Director Laura Gamble said they have been working with T&S since their rebrand.

“Marketing is difficult because of the clients we serve and the mission we have,” Gamble said. “Our clients aren’t cute little puppies that need a home or children who need help, they are adults who have abused their children, spouse or significant other.”

Gamble said T&S has helped Family Builders maintain a consistent message and brand. Family Builders uses social media to educate the public and potential donors on the issues of child abuse and domestic violence.

“[T&S] doing our social media is so helpful,” Gamble said. “It is consistent. I do not have to write it or worry about it. They have helped us raise awareness in the community and people understand us better now.”

Although T&S works with many nonprofit organizations now, they began by donating their services to a different nonprofit every month. When they realized the approach was unsustainable, the company decided to create a pay-what-you-can option for nonprofits, Tim said. However, many nonprofits are able to pay full price because of T&S’s affordable options, according to Tim.

“Several of our longest clients are nonprofits,” Leann said. “Although it is not the goal, the nonprofits turn into a referral service as well and the clients often stay.”

T&S’s mission expands beyond just their clientele. The employees also volunteer on specific Friday’s throughout the year at local nonprofits to give back to the community. Leann said they think of ways to help others with their purchases such as, allowing people to borrow what they need or letting someone stay in their home.

The business has three full-time employees and three interns. Tori Willis, a graphic design major at Oklahoma Christian, is an intern at T&S this semester. Willis said a large part of her job is to make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives.

“I believe that anyone in a position of privilege, whether that be through education, wealth, skills or talents, should make a conscious effort to help those that are less fortunate,” Willis said. “I’m very impressed that T&S uses its time and resources to volunteer in the area and give back to the community.”

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