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Club night kicks off Rush-tember

Club night sparks the start of “Rush-tember” for potential rushees and Oklahoma Christian University’s 10 social service clubs.

“It’s important for clubs to not try to have the same personality across the board,” Liz McElroy said. “Our students are very diverse and I love it when our clubs reflect that.”

According to McElroy, the faculty advisor for social service clubs on campus, club night exists as an informational night for the potential rush class. Each club’s president is given one minute during the introductory meeting to convey what their club is about to those considering rushing.

“Sometimes people already have an idea of what group they are interested in and sometimes they don’t,” McElroy said. “They want to see what club is all about and club night gives them a little taste of what groups they might be a good fit for. Every club is given an equal platform for one night.”

After the initial meeting, clubs flooded into the Conservatory, where potential rushees were greeted by a third of the Oklahoma Christian campus that participates in a social service club. Club members were set up at their respective booths.

Club night allows existing members to mingle with students interested in rushing and make first impressions. Meanwhile, each clubs rush directors are distributing calendars and compiling a list of contacts to send rush event information to throughout the month of September.

“The club experience is special due to the relationships built through shared experiences,” McElroy said “Some of them are fun and cooperative, like service projects and homecoming, while some of them are stressful and competitive, like intramurals and Spring Sing. Club connects people who otherwise might not know one another due to their majors, hometowns or grade level.”

Sophomore Paige Arter said although club night is overwhelming it is fun to learn about and meet each club.

“It’s really loud, but you can tell everyone is really passionate about their club and what they’re able to do within that club,” Arter said. “I’ve grown up around clubs walking around Spring Sing with my dad [Neil Arter] but it’s different to consider myself to soon be a part of one of these organizations opposed to just being friends with some of them.”

President of Alpha Gamma Omega, Hunter Edwards said one of the most important aspects of rushing is to find a club that will encourage one another spiritually.

“I encourage you to rush a club where you find genuine friendship, brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who will get you through the hard parts of life,” Edwards said.

Senior Raena Crouse said the speeches help potential rushees make decisions about what clubs they may fit into.

“The speeches are always a fun part of club night,” Crouse said. “It’s interesting to see what a club president comes up with and how a club reacts. It really shows the nature of the clubs to those who are looking to rush.”

Crouse said her goal during club night was to be calming, kind and welcoming to potential rushees despite the chaos and overwhelming nature in the Conservatory during the evening.

To potential rushees, McElroy said, “I want them to keep in mind embracing who they are. Whatever niche you fall into is a group of students you will be able to bless uniquely that the other groups may not have access to or be able to reach them in a different way.”

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