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Meet the possible executives; SGA elections to take place this week

Students will have the opportunity to elect next year’s treasurer, secretary, vice president and president positions in the Student Government Association (SGA) this week at Oklahoma Christian University. Elections will take place tomorrow and Thursday in the student center.

Sophomore Hunter Cabe is running for treasurer. Seniors Seibrina Huckaby and Molly Peterson are running for secretary. Junior Justin McLeckie, and seniors Taylor Dotson, and Chaunicie Ehrlich are running for vice president, while sophomore Seth Parker and seniors Jack Smith and Tyler Clark are running for president.

According to Parker, who has worked on SGA’s Endowment Committee, one of his priorities is finding a way to get students more involved on campus.

“I want to make it more rewarding for students to get out and be active and spirited members of OC,” Parker said. “I plan on reaching out to not just the senators, but also the people I know outside of SGA. I want their help on what the events need in order for SGA’s mission to be geared towards the bigger OC population and what they are looking for.”

Parker said he thinks his effective communication skills have given him a wide connection to the student body, which he thinks would be useful in a leadership position.

“I make friends easily and I am really good at networking,” Parker said. “I am a people person and good at connecting with others, so I think I would be able to find people to help out and make the SGA events more suited for the student body. I am good at listening when people have ideas, so it would help confusion stay minimized.”

SGA’s current chaplain, Smith, said his platform for president is based on two main points, the first being better bridging the gap between the student body and the administration.

“SGA’s role is to be the voice for the students for the board to hear,” Smith said. “This means that the SGA president is the voice, to have direct access to those high officials that we idolize sometimes. I want to be that bridge. I want to go directly and have an informed and influential position that can make the changes on this campus that are not being done.”

According to Smith, the second goal of his platform is to build a stronger and more unified community on campus.

“I believe that SGA is the light on campus—the encouraging motivation between everyone else,” Smith said. “That is what I want to do, to have OC be this community. Not everyone has to be best friends, but everyone should support each other and be by each other’s side. I want everyone to kind of partake in that. I want us to cultivate a stronger, encouraging community on campus.”

The current SGA president, Clark, said his experience has given him a greater understanding of how best to enable and inspire SGA committees and how to help opposing groups recognize where others are coming from.

“So long as I can light the eyes of my fellow executives and SGA senators, we can accomplish so much,” Clark said. “From getting record attendance at our games and performances, advocating for students, making everyone feel welcome, the possibilities are endless. I have a deep love for OC and I am energized by helping others get connected and follow their passions to better OC.”

Clark said if he were reelected as SGA president, he would try to benefit the community at Oklahoma Christian by demonstrating sincerity and a strong work ethic.

“My work is prompted by love and, ultimately, is to further God’s kingdom,” Clark said. “My service through the SGA over the years is indicative that I work hard, hold high expectations for myself and peers in the SGA and can have a little fun while doing so.”

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