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Summer Lashley answers Ethos questions

In wake of school starting back up during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the usual big chapel held in Baugh Auditorium will no longer be an available option for kudos.

Summer Lashley, spiritual life coordinator and Ethos director, provided The Talon with answers on the changes to the Ethos system and how students should go about getting their kudos.

What are the main changes to chapel this semester?

The main change is that everything had to change! The biggest change is that we felt we could not have a “big chapel” and still be following CDC guidelines.

With there being no big chapel, are there added smaller chapels?

We kept our other 26 alternative chapels, but as of this afternoon we have added a handful more and that is because of our students – they saw a need and they responded. I’m so inspired by all of them!

How many Kudos are students required to get?

We have reduced the requirement for this semester to 20.

How do you recommend students getting those Kudos?

I recommend you go to a couple of alternative chapels if, and only if, you are comfortable doing so. If not, I would recommend small group bible studies, becoming a part of the mentor program, doing an individual bible study, or using some of the online material we have provided for all of our students on

How often will smaller chapels be held?

There will be offerings every day of the week. The caveat is the groups have to stay small and can’t accommodate our entire student body on any given day.

Are the punishments the same for students who do not receive all their Kudos as they have been in previous years?

Well, part of the reason that we made the goal so low is to give students a huge break and to make it as realistic as possible to get your goal. There are 14 weeks in a semester, so I feel like the number is very reasonable.  Our goal is to offer meaningful content and experiences while also keeping our students safe. We are doing our absolute best to do that, and we know our students will do their best as well. We don’t know what we will do about noncompliance right now, but we plan to be fair and reasonable.

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