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Candidates split “Western Tuesday,” Cruz slows down Trump’s momentum

In states that closed late last night, the results were mixed on both the Republican and Democratic races.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton took home Western Tuesday’s biggest prize, Arizona, Tuesday night, making their paths to their respective party’s nominations even clearer.

“I do believe I am the most ready of anybody running to take this job,” Clinton said in her victory speech Tuesday night. “I am very proud to have won Arizona.”

Trump’s victory included 58 Republican delegates, expanding his total number to 739. The party’s nomination requires 1,237 delegates.

According to CNN, Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared in San Diego and predicted victories in Idaho and Utah, despite his loss in Arizona.

“When we began this campaign we were considered a fringe candidacy,” Sanders said to supporters. “Well, 10 months later we now have won 10 primaries and caucuses. Unless I am very much mistaken, we are going to win a couple more tonight.”

Sanders “thrashed” Hillary Clinton in both Idaho and Utah Both states won by Bernie were caucus states where the Democratic party is consider left-leaning.  However, with 75 delegates, Arizona gave Hillary the most win in delegates for the evening.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also took home a win Tuesday night from Idaho, where he received 45.8 percent of the vote. Cruz’s main target was Utah, where winning more than 50 percent of the vote would result in receiving all 40 delegates the state has to offer. If he falls short, the delegates will be handed out based on proportion, according to CNN.

Cruz received the endorsement of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, whose fellow Mormons control a majority of the vote in Utah.

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