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News Brief Oct. 30-Nov. 3


A 49-year old woman in Australia was charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder after serving a lunch containing poisonous cap mushrooms. 

Three of the guests lost their lives, one fell critically ill but was able to recover. Local media identified the killer as Erin Patterson, though local law enforcement has declined to confirm her identity formally. 

The case has captivated media audiences across the globe as word spread of the deadly beef wellington. 

“Over the last three months, this investigation has been subjected to incredibly intense levels of public scrutiny and curiosity. I cannot think of another investigation that has generated this level of media and public interest, not only here in Victoria but also nationally and internationally,” Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said in a statement issued by Victoria Police Thursday. 

Initially, Patterson declined knowledge of the deadly mushrooms, claiming she purchased them from two different stores. However, when Erin was the only member in the lunch to not be affected by the meal she prepared, investigators were suspicious. 

A toxicology report has been filed but not yet released to the public. A search of Patterosn’s home was conducted with K9 assistance and the arrest has been carried out. The case remains under investigation. 


Marvel has discussed bringing back the original Avengers cast for a new film despite the character deaths of Ironman, played by Robert Downey Jr. and Blackwidow, played by Scarlett Johansson. 

The Disney-owned company has faced a decline in audience attendance of their more recent films with newer characters. Though they have not officially decided to reassemble the original avengers, the topic has crossed their desk. 

Another reboot would cost an already money-bleeding company some pretty pennies. Downey’s upfront salary for “Ironman 3” was a mere $25 million. 

Marvel is not the only company looking to return fan-favorite characters. Walmart cast Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert and Daniel Franzese in a mini-”Mean Girls” reboot for a Black Friday commercial. 

The commercial features the three characters playing their iconic roles but as adults. At the same high school, Lacey Chabert is seen picking up her teenage daughter from school in a replica of the convertible scene. Chabert’s “daughter” has two plastic friends of her own. 

Daniel Franzese is a weather reporter and Lohan is the school guidance counselor. At the end of the commercial, the three now-mothers watch their daughters perform at the Christmas talent show in the same outfits, but with modern technology Walmart will sell for Black Friday.

The Walmart sale begins on Wednesday, Nov. 8, hence the tagline: “On Wednesdays, we still wear pink. But now we shop Walmart Black Friday deals.” 


In the wake of Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University not participating in their traditional Bedlam game after this year, ticket prices have skyrocketed. 

Due to Oklahoma University outranking its rival next season, the teams will take a hiatus from competing. Tickets to the “final game” are going for as much as $9,755. The lowest ticket price listed was $460. 

Fans are taking to social media to reflect on their first Bedlam games and announcing how long the winning team will get to brag. 

The game will take place Nov. 4 in Stillwater. ABC will broadcast the game on television for fans who do not want to pay the highly inflated prices.

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