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News Brief: Aubrey McClendon killed in wreck, NASA Twin Study and a museum for the broken-hearted

Headlines from Feb. 29 – March 4:

  • Former CEO of Chesapeake Aubrey McClendon killed in car wreck (KFOR)

Aubrey McClendon, former CEO of Chesapeake, was found dead in a single-car accident on Wednesday morning. Police said that the wreck was caused by high speeds, with failure to correct course or brake, resulting in a head-on collision with a concrete wall of an overpass. The collision resulted in the immediate engulfment of McClendon’s vehicle in flames. The accident occurred less than 24 hours after McClendon was indicted by a federal grand jury. On Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced that McClendon was charged with conspiring to rig bids for the purchase of oil and natural gas leases in northwest Oklahoma. Further investigations will provide more information as to the circumstances that occurred before impact.

  • Astronaut Kelly participates in NASA “Twin Study,” growth-spurt in space (CNN)

After a record-breaking 340 days in space, Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Houston, TX to reunite with family and friends. Kelly and his identical twin brother, Mark, volunteered to take part in NASA’s “Twin Study” in which Mark stayed in the United States while Scott spent time in space. Upon his return, Scott was 2 inches taller than Mark, though they were the same height before departure. According to NASA, the growth was expected, though temporary, because of the spine elongation that occurs in space. Scott will return to his original height after being back on Earth for a few weeks.

  • Museum for the broken-hearted (LAist)

A Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles will mirror the original Croatian museum dedicated to heartbreak, which was founded by artists and ex-lovers Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in 2003. The idea behind the museum is for couples who break up to donate things that serve as painful reminders of their former lover instead of throwing them out or destroying them. Always accepting donations, each item featured in the museum will have its story and details of the relationship under anonymity of the couple themselves.

  • Mystery sign posted around the metro (OKC FOX)

A few weeks ago, a black sign posted around the metro – reported in Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman – began to create a stir with no one really knowing its meaning. The black sign features a white symbol that shows an inverted triangle, with the state bird in the center, the Scissortail Fly Catcher, carrying an olive branch. Some have speculated that the sign is for gender equality, others say the signs represent Lent because they began to emerge following the religious observance. On Tuesday, protestors carried the cryptic sign on Oklahoma Christian University’s campus. The group was protesting abortion, but whether or not this was directly related to the sign was not confirmed.

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