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News Brief: International misogynist meeting, OKC sex offenders and financial literacy

Headlines from Feb. 1-5:

  • ‘Pro-rape’ blogger organizes then cancels meeting for men across the U.S., including Oklahoma City (KFOR)

Daryush Valizadeh, leader of a controversial “masculine men” group called Return of Kings, orchestrated 165 meetings globally to occur on Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. for its “international meetup day.” The group is known for complaining about the rise of feminism and the loss of “traditional sex roles.” Valizadeh himself has written articles stating that rape should be legal on private property and others in the group claim that women should not be allowed to vote. One meeting was set to take place in front of Harkins Theatre in Oklahoma City, until late Wednesday evening when the group leader announced the meeting’s cancellation.

  • Oklahoma City police unveil sex offender database (NewsOK)

Oklahoma City is joining Offender Watch, a public national database that tracks sex offenders. The online network consists of more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies, and allows members of the public to enter an address and find out if sex offenders live nearby. The service also enables city residents to register an address and receive email alerts notifying them if an offender registers an address within a specified radius.

  • Study: Students failing at financial literacy (Good Call)

According to a recent study by U.S. Bank, college students are not budgeting or saving, and many cannot distinguish between financial myths from truths. The study indicated that the majority of students are not thinking about retirement savings, while the majority of financial counselors are saying to start saving before age 30.

  • SS United States to be restored to its former grandeur (Observer)

The historic SS United States ocean liner – launched in 1952 and retired in 1969 – may soon set sail once more under the new name of United States by Crystal Cruises. The ship will be restored and reinstated as a modern luxury 800-passenger liner, through a cooperative initiative backed by the SS United States Conservancy and Crystal Cruises, which has committed to cover all costs for the ship, an estimated $700 million.

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