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News Brief: Sept 12-16

An Overview:

Putin-Xi talks: Russian Leader Reveals China’s ‘Concern’ Over Ukraine / New Zealand Bodies in Suitcase: Women Arrested in South Korea Over Children’s Deaths / Corgis Honor the Queen / Amazon Delivery Driver Saves Family from Fire / Police Release Video Connected to Unsolved Murder in OKC / OKC Zoo Tiger Cubs


Putin-Xi talks: Russian Leader Reveals China’s ‘Concern’ Over Ukraine

Amid the outward appearance of comradery between Russia and China, the latter has expressed concerns about Ukraine in recent talks.

China is not an ally, nor have they outwardly endorsed Russia’s invasion, but President Putin and President Xi did declare their friendship was without limits days before the conflict with Ukraine began. Since then, China has grown in its trade with Moscow.

Now, China appears to be setting boundaries.

US intelligence suggests Moscow has turned to Iran, North Korea and China for supplies, but so far, China has not agreed. According to Evan Feigenbaum, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, this may be related to recent events in Ukraine.

“It would be spectacularly inept to choose the moment of maximum Russian tactical retreat in Ukraine to lean into Moscow even harder than Beijing already has,” Feigenbaum said.

Central Asia’s unease at the situation could be another factor.

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New Zealand Bodies in Suitcase: Women Arrested in South Korea Over Children’s Deaths

A family in Australia bought abandoned suitcases in an online auction only to find dead children within.

The bodies, which were discovered in August, are believed to have been aged 7 and 10 and stored for a few years. The mother, who is the prime suspect, has been tracked and arrested in South Korea following an investigation and communication between New Zealand and South Korean authorities.

“To have someone in custody overseas within such a short period of time has all been down to the assistance of the Korean authorities and the coordination by our NZ Police Interpol staff,” New Zealand Police Detective Inspector Tofilau Fa’amanuia Vaaelua said.

New Zealand has applied for the woman’s extradition and has requested she is denied bail prior to her extradition to New Zealand, where she will face murder charges.

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Corgis Honor the Queen

As the world continues to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, people have found various ways to honor her. Some toast to her memory, outlets write articles, countries lower flags, and somewhere, corgis will gather.

The Queen herself owned over 30 Welsh Corgis throughout her life, so the Perth Corgi group organized an event for Welsh Corgi owners to bring their pups together in her honor. Roughly 50 dogs and their owners showed up at Langley Park in Perth, Australia, some of them dressing up for the occasion.

Minnesota native Tessa Vernstrom, who is studying in Australia, attended the event with her two corgis.

“The event was organized on very short notice by the Perth corgi group,” Vernstrom said. “It’s a tight-knit community, and we said we should do something to honor the Queen, so we organized this.”

Vernstrom said another event is being planned by the Melbourne Corgi group.

For more information on this story and the Queen’s corgis, click here.


Amazon Delivery Driver Saves Family from Fire

One Amazon delivery driver in Long Island is now seen as a hero by the local community.

While working his route, Kevin Rivera saw a house in flames with the door open, but could tell the occupants were unaware of the situation.

“I just saw the fire getting bigger and bigger,” Rivera said. “I rushed in, because I didn’t want nobody to die in that house.”

Inside, Rivera would find a language barrier that made it impossible to communicate with the family of six, which included a baby. In time, he convinced them to escape through the back door, away from the flames.

A neighbor who filmed the situation told CBS everyone is grateful and, when he arrives with their packages, thanks Rivera a bit more than they would most delivery drivers.

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Police Release Video Connected to Unsolved Murder in OKC

The Oklahoma City police request the public’s help as they investigate the unsolved murder of 29 year-old Bureisha Williams.

Williams was shot in the chest last October by a car driving past an apartment complex off N.W. 36th St.

They have obtained surveillance footage, showing a muzzle flash from the car.

If you have any information, call the Homicide Tip Line at (405) 297-1200.

OKC Zoo Tiger Cubs

Tiger cubs are now available for the public to see at the Oklahoma City Zoo from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The two two-month-old cubs, Luna and Bob, are Lola’s second litter, and often tire themselves out within an hour. Go early to see the cubs while they are active and before the crowds arrive. 

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