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News Brief: Week of Feb. 8 – 12


  • Over 100 million Americans received winter weather warnings from Oregon to New York. Over the next few days, an ice storm is predicted to develop over Texas to the mid-Atlantic, adding to the bad conditions.
  • A new CDC study found that wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask could reduce the risk of exposure by 95%. However, these conditions are only possible when everyone in the area wears either two masks or ties their mask tighter using the “knot and tuck” method.
  • On Tuesday, Feb. 10, six Republican senators and all 50 Democrat senators decided it is constitutional to try a former president. Starting Wednesday, the impeachment managers will continue their case over the next two days.
  • If Congress does not pass its next coronavirus relief package, an estimated 11.4 million workers will lose their unemployment benefits from March until April. A new bill from democratic lawmakers would extend unemployment programs and give a $400 addition to weekly payments until the end of August.
  • President Joe Biden approved an executive order that would let the U.S. sanction the military leaders who directed the coup in Myanmar, their business interests, and close family members. He also intends to freeze U.S. assets that benefit the Burmese government but maintain support that goes directly to Burmese citizens.


  • Starting Friday, Feb. 12, some Walmart and Sam’s Club locations will offer COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccine availability will depend on state supply, and appointments are currently limited to seniors 65 and older, health care workers and first responders.
  • Oklahoma’s State Department of Health reported 1,600 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, Feb. 10. So far, the total number of Oklahoma’s positive cases is 407,724, with 3,900 deaths to date.
  • Winter weather is hitting county health departments across the state, forcing residents to reschedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Deputy Health Commissioner Keith Reed informed residents that employees are doing everything they can to get things back on track. “If your local pod or vaccination clinic is closed, your appointment will be rescheduled through the county health department as soon as possible.” OU Health still has appointments for Friday, Feb. 12, and Mercy has appointments for Thursday, Feb. 11 and Saturday, Feb. 13.
  • The Midwest City Warren Theater will be sold at a sheriff’s sale after opening six months before the pandemic and closing after it started. The theater owes $16,277,807 plus other fees and interest. Retail property specialist Jim Parrack expects another theater to come back to that location sometime in the future.
  • On Tuesday, Feb. 9 the City Rescue Mission started providing COVID-19 tests and shelter for a week to ensure that no residents of shelters carry the coronavirus to other shelters. The CEO of City Rescue Mission, Erin Goodin, said the mission had already been sheltering around 20 COVID-19 positive people a night in their shelter. The shelter will remain a COVID-19 center for the homeless as long as the pandemic lasts.
  • The Chickasha police responded to a 911 call after 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9 where two people were found dead. Authorities heard cries from help inside and found four victims of a stabbing inside the home. Leon Pye, 67, and his four-year-old granddaughter were already dead, but Pye’s wife, Delci, was taken to a hospital. An Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokesperson, Brook Arbeitman, said the suspected perpetrator is Pye’s 42-year-old nephew, who was also found with stab wounds in the house. He was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, Feb. 10 for a misdemeanor assault and battery charge. He is currently at the hospital but will be taken to the Grady County jail once he is released. Formal charges have not yet been filed.
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