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SGA Committee Reports

At last night’s Student Government Association (SGA), attendees had the opportunity to listen to multiple funding requests and go over committee reports.

In a collaborative event with the Black Student Union and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the SGA encourages all students to attend a Voter Registration drive tomorrow. The event will take place outdoors from 12-3. Assistant Dean of Students, Gary Jones will grill burgers.

Student Hannah Clay requested money for improvements to Tinius Hall, the sophomore girls’ dorm. Additionally, Freshman experience requested money to use on the Freshman fall banquet.

The Academics Committee plans to create an Academics award sometime in the upcoming future. The group meets by the pool tables in the Student center every Thursday at 3 pm.

In addition to completing the first week of school activities and first week follies, the Activities committee has three other large events planned for the remainder of this semester. These events include the Eagle Expo Halloween Hunt and Finals Resort.

According to the Appropriations Committee, the SGA has spent $7,700 so far this semester, spending 19.8% of their overall budget.

The campus improvements committee plans to update the Nowlin Center, Gunn Henderson Kitchen and the Warlick Water Fountains. The committee is currently considering recycling on campus and creating a fire pit area.

According to the Elections Committee, the Vice President legislation and Homecoming budget passed.

So far, the Multicultural committee has used 3% of its budget. The committee plans to fund the Celebracion event in the Brew to celebrate the end of Hispanic HEritage month. Additionally, they will help to pay for the BSU Open Mic, October 9.

The Spiritual life committee has plans to supply school supplies for Positive Tomorrows, a school in Oklahoma City. The committee said their main focus is creating a prayer wall in the Brew.

The Campus Spirit committee is making t-shirts for athletes and students. The committee is also creating a dodgeball tournament. The admission fee is $6, and the top two teams will receive a cash price.

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