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The Campus Improvements Committee Works to Better Campus Life

Oklahoma Christian University has eight different committees in their Student Government Association with each committee focused on a different area to improve campus. The campus improvements committee is responsible for making students’ lives better and more convenient. 

Bethany Paris, chair of the campus improvements committee, explained what the committee does

“The campus improvements committee is all about taking money from the SGA budget and using it to make life better for students on campus.,” Paris said. “But we’re wanting to fix up some of the signs for the buildings around the campus to make it look nicer, so just smaller stuff like that.”

The biggest achievement the campus improvements committee completed last school year was remodeling the Gunn-Henderson Hall kitchen. On a smaller scale, the committee put a frozen yogurt machine in the student center.

This school year, the campus improvements committee is working to improve some of the signs for the buildings around the campus. Students sometimes have difficulties finding what they need, including smaller things such as first aid kits. While most of the buildings have first aid kits, the committee is trying to make sure there is a first aid kit available and ready for use in every building on campus.

The committee also wants to bring back cycling on campus, as Oklahoma Christian used to have bikes students could rent.  The committee is considering adding a bike repair station, while still trying to figure out the details.

Paris also mentioned what the committee wants to achieve in this school year for minority groups on campus.

“Last year, there was one specific hate crime that I can think of, and the campus police couldn’t really do very much about it because of the way the cameras were. It was hard to get clear footage,” Paris said.

 The committee is also working on getting better lighting on campus.

“I know that not everyone, but a couple of minority students I’ve talked to, have said that they don’t necessarily feel safe on campus when they walk around,” Paris said. “So, we’re kind of starting the process of running better lighting on some portions of campus so people can feel safe.”

Paris said she wanted to be the chair of the committee because of her passion for helping others.

“I really want to improve accessibility on campus. One of my big passions is accessibility for people who might have different disabilities or people who are like women and minorities and just making sure everyone feels safe,” Paris said. “Also, I want to be able to make improvements to the campus that make it a welcoming place for everyone.”

The campus improvements committee meets every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the student center. Paris said the meeting is open if anyone wants to come.

“My goal is to make the campus more accessible and safer to every student,” Paris said. “I’m always open to suggestions from anybody so, if anybody reading the article has ideas, they’re welcome to email me.”

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