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The multicultural committee of SGA helps minority groups on campus

Each committee of the Student Government Association has an important duty for helping student life, working to improve campus life. The multicultural committee is responsible for celebrating minority cultures and making students of minority groups feel comfortable on campus.

Oklahoma Christian University’s SGA has eight committees: Academics, Activities, Appropriations, Campus Improvements, Campus Spirits, Constitution, Multicultural and Spiritual Life. life. In addition to attending SGA meetings, committees hold committee meetings to field ideas before presenting to the SGA as a whole.

Kiva Maxwell, the president of SGA, said the SGA needs committees because these groups can specialize in specific areas of improvement. Maxwell said committees are helpful because it is impossible for her to see every single thing that happens on campus by herself.

The multicultural committee focuses on helping minority cultures and organizations. This committee exists to encourage the campus to celebrate the diversity and cultures on campus.

Nikkita Addy, the chair of the multicultural committee, described its purpose.

“Its job is to support and uplift the voices of the minority groups that are on campus,” Addy said. “In committee meetings, we discuss how we can help OC’s minority groups with their events and maybe even hosting events of our own.”

The multicultural committee often holds events for minority groups and sponsors International festivals on campus by the International Student Association. Addy said she will work hard as the chair of the committee.

“I decided to take the position as chair of the multicultural committee because inclusion is something I’m passionate about,” Addy said. “Being able to help to bring more of that to OC’s campus seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on.”

Addy spoke of how Oklahoma Christian needs to include more people to improve.

“OC needs to improve on getting more involved in the events our minority groups host,” Addy said. “I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking the events they hold are for those group members only but getting involved in these events will not only increase campus spirit but give students the opportunity to learn about cultures that are different from their own.”

Addy also explained what she can do to help to improve campus and how she hopes Oklahoma Christian will grow.

“I hope the multicultural committee will help students get more involved in OC’s multi-cultural groups,” Addy said. “I think the goal of SGA every year is to help improve OC and truly make it home.”

SGA’s goal is always to make campus life better and make students feel comfortable on campus. 

“Next time you see a multicultural group on campus host an event, get involved,” Addy said. “Get involved in SGA, too. The more students we get in SGA, the more it truly represents OC’s student body.”

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