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Quick questions with Abby Hubbard

This week, the Talon staff sat down with senior Abby Hubbard to talk about the Student Government Association (SGA) Spirit Committee.

Q: What is the spirit committee?

The campus Spirit Committee is a subcommittee of SGA and we aim to bring more awareness to things happening on campus and increase student involvement and participation and attendance at all sorts of different things from arts activities to sport events.

Q: What community events or project is the Spirit Committee looking to host this year?

We are helping to increase attendance right now at soccer games and we’re working with fine arts to increase attendance—like we were at the Grand concert on Sunday and had a reception afterwards. We hope to work with different arts events in the future to help give out tickets and things like that. At sporting events we usually have food or some sort of incentive for people to want to come.

Q: Is there a main focus or theme to the committee’s actions this year?

Our main theme is diversity. We’ve been mainly at sporting events in the past and we want to spread out, with arts events and even further than that. We want to see what sorts of things are happening on campus and have representatives on our committee who are involved in all sorts of different activities who can help us know exactly what’s going on and where we need to be.

Q: Is low attendance at sporting events something concerning to the Spirit Committee and what have you done to try and improve that?

Yes, that is one of our concerns and one of the things that we are very intentional about working on. We believe that our student athletes are very important and deserve our support and attendance. We are working on finding incentives that encourage attendance and support of students at those games.

Q: What kind of budget are you working with this semester?

We have a portion of the SGA budget. I believe we have $1,000 a semester and we try to spread that out among all the events we do.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in working with the campus Spirit Committee?

I would say the biggest challenge is that we’re all just students and there are times when the semester hits hard and we’re all busy and it’s difficult to organize events and for even us to go to those events.

Q: What have you learned from your experience working with the committee?

I didn’t really know a lot about what happened at OC like sporting events or different teams we had. Being on campus spirit has helped me learn about what’s going on at OC and its taught me a lot about event planning and just being a member of an organization that wants to help people.

Q: How can students not in SGA be involved?

I’m actually not a senator in SGA. Out committee is open to anyone. If you are interested in being involved in the committee you don’t have to be in SGA. If you aren’t interested in being on the committee, we always welcome suggestions. If you have an event on campus we don’t know about, please let us know so we can be there. We want feedback and comments about events that we’ve done.

Q: Why would you encourage people to be involved with SGA and specifically the Spirit Committee?

I think that it is great to be a part of SGA—I’m not a part of it right now but I have been the last two years. It’s just really fun to know what’s going on on campus. I like to know what’s happening behind the scenes. I think it’s fun to help people feel supported, whether it’s athletes or art students.

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