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Meet the Spring 2019 Talon staff

As 2019 begins and the Talon prepares for another semester of publication for Oklahoma Christian University, the paper recently announced its staff for this semester. The Talon welcomes back nine returning scholarship editors, with two transitioning from the role of reporter to editor for the spring semester.

Those interested in joining the Talon as a reporter for this spring can still enroll in Media Practicum: Journalism with Philip Patterson or email Madison Hagood for more information.

Madison Hagood, Editor-in-Chief

Graduate Student, MBA program

Madison Hagood. Photo by Megan Madison.

Hagood has been part of the Talon since her freshman year at Oklahoma Christian. Over the years, she has served as a reporter, the sports editor and the features editor before stepping into the editor-in-chief role for her senior year.

“I knew I wanted to join the Talon before I ever stepped foot on the Oklahoma Christian campus,” Hagood said. “I helped start our school newspaper back in high school, and I came into Oklahoma Christian as a journalism major, so writing has always been in my blood. Being a part of the Talon has been one of the best decisions I made here at OC, as I have been blessed by the opportunity to build my resume while also working with an amazingly talented staff.”

According to Hagood, she encourages those interested in honing their writing skills to consider joining the Talon, as students can be part of the smallest campus newspaper in the country to publish daily.

“I decided to apply for editor-in-chief because the Talon has become my pride and joy, and I wanted the opportunity to oversee it for my senior year,” Hagood said. “I am confident that, with the talented staff we put together this fall and that will carry over into the spring, we are going to have a great year and do some big things for this university.”

Megan Madison, Online Editor

Senior English Writing

Megan Madison. Submitted photo.

Madison will continue to serve as the Talon’s online editor this spring, which sees her utilize her talents of writing and coding to keep the Talon website up-to-date. As she describes herself as the “go-to girl for quick questions about technology,” she said aesthetics are her “thing,” so while the other editors work on writing, she focuses on making sure everything looks good online.

“One of the things I love the most about the Talon is that I get to hang out with a lot of people I otherwise never would have known,” Madison said. “The Talon fosters a community of editors who think creatively and analytically but also know how to laugh and have fun along the way. From joking around, to discussing politics, to giving advice about assignments, to encouraging others—life is just so much better when the Talon staff is part of it.”

Paige Holmes, Copy Editor

Junior Journalism

Paige Holmes. Submitted photo.

Holmes will transition from the role of features reporter to copy editor for the spring semester. The junior journalism major currently writes weekly book reviews and believes there is no better way to learn something or to be entertained than by reading a book.

On campus, Holmes is involved in the Honors Program, Sigma Tau Delta and Soundings, serving as the publication’s copy editor.

“I’m really excited to be copy editor, because that’s what I want to do when I graduate,” Holmes said. “To be able to get practical experience and do what I love while I’m still in college is a dream come true. The Talon is such a great place to work and put what I’ve learned in class to use, and I’m excited to be part of the staff.”

Keaton Ross, News Editor

Junior Journalism

Keaton Ross. Photo by Megan Madison.

“Being an underclassman and one of only two guys when I joined as a reporter last year, I was worried I might not fit in, but those fears were squashed pretty quickly,” Ross said.

Ross, who will once again represent one of two males on the Talon staff, will continue to serve as news editor this spring. He said he enjoys being part of the news section because it provides him with the opportunity to report on state and national issues impacting people on the Oklahoma Christian campus.

“I am a news junkie,” Ross said. “I really enjoy reading about what is going on locally and around the world and researching to find out why it happened in the first place. As news editor, I work to bring my passion to our campus daily, writing about things that matter to students in a timely fashion.

“Last year, I was able to interview students and professors with direct ties to things like the DACA overruling, Hawaii false-missile scare and the Oklahoma teacher strike. If it is happening somewhere in the U.S., chances are someone here on campus is impacted by it.”

Elise Miller, Assistant News Editor

Sophomore Journalism

Elise Miller. Photo by Megan Madison.

Miller will continue to serve as assistant news editor for the spring semester and report on the weekly Student Government Association (SGA) meetings. According to Miller, she wants to become a journalist when she graduates, so being a Talon editor provides her with the experience necessary to be successful in the future.

“I really love being creative and brainstorming story ideas,” Miller said. “I hope that I can use those skills to make the Talon even better than it is already.”

Madisen Ransford, Features Editor

Senior English

Madisen Ransford. Photo by Megan Madison.

Ransford will continue as features editor for this spring semester. As someone outside of the communications department, she said she brings a different voice to the Talon.

“It is exciting to produce stories that can bring awareness to events or organizations on campus, as well as keeping students up-to-date on news in the area and letting them share their opinions,” Ransford said. “I get to work with such smart and talented people—I am just blessed to be here.”

Reese Gorman, Assistant Features Editor

Junior Journalism

Reese Gorman. Photo by Megan Madison.

Gorman will transition from news reporter to assistant features editor for the Talon this spring. The junior journalism major currently writes weekly music reviews for the paper and is helping lead the new Arts & Life section coming to the Talon this semester.

According to Gorman, he is passionate about music because it has a unique way of bringing people together and brings joy to him, as well as to many others. In his free time, Gorman writes for Honey Punch, a music publication, as well as his personal blog.

“I’m excited to continue writing for the Talon,” Gorman said. “Last semester was one of the best of my college career and I can’t wait for this one. The Talon has helped me improve my writing and become more comfortable in interviews. I look forward to this next semester as an editor.”

Morgan Boling, Sports Editor

Junior Journalism

Morgan Boling. Photo by Megan Madison.

As a soccer player for Oklahoma Christian, Boling said she brings good knowledge and a passion for sports, which serve her well as she plans to continue her work as sports editor into the spring.

“The Talon has given me an opportunity to learn so many people’s stories on campus,” Boling said. “As the sports editor, I usually choose to interview people based on their athletic accomplishments, but when I sit down to interview them, I also get the opportunity to hear their story, such as why they love what they do. It has just really given me so many opportunities to connect with people across campus.”

Errett Edwards, Assistant Sports Editor

Junior Journalism

Errett Edwards. Photo by Steven Christy.

The junior baseball player will continue to serve as the assistant sports editor. After changing his major from biology to journalism last spring, Edwards said he was relatively new to the print side of things this semester and initially joined the Talon to “get his feet wet.”

“I chose to make the transition because I have a real passion for writing and I wanted to get involved with something I truly love,” Edwards said. “I am so excited to keep working with the rest of the Talon staff, and I am looking forward to having a great year.”

Hannah Brewster, Opinions Editor

Senior Public Relations

Hannah Brewster. Photo by Megan Madison.

Over the years, Brewster has worked as the assistant features and features editor before serving as the opinions editor for the past year and a half. She will continue to serve in that capacity in the spring and said the Talon has provided her with the opportunity to grow professionally.

“I came to school here my freshman year without knowing anyone, and being on staff gave me the chance to branch out to all areas of the university and make connections with people I may have never met,” Brewster said. “I have taken on various roles since my time on the Talon, but I think being opinions editor for going on two years now, I bring a different perspective to ongoing current events.

“I try to see different viewpoints in every piece I write, whether it is an opinion, feature or news article. Writing is one of my biggest passions and being a part of the Talon staff allows me to bring enthusiasm and energy to the staff.”

Allyson Hazelrigg, Photo Editor

Senior Fine Art

Allyson Hazelrigg. Photo by Abi Parette.

Hazelrigg will return to the Talon for this spring semester to serve as the photo editor. She said she thinks she brings an extra bit of creativity and fun to the newsroom.

“I like to keep things light and make everyone feel welcome,” Hazelrigg said. “I strive to bring positivity and enthusiasm into every challenge we face as a staff and keep people excited about our work. I love the way the Talon allows me to meet people from all different departments and majors on campus.”

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