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Alumna with front row seat at winter Olympics

“It was at OC that I first learned how to shoot and edit, and turn stories for Eagle Angle,” Cargile said. “I also still hear from my OC professors on a regular basis who are like family. Dr. Jurney just sent me an email a couple of days ago, telling me how proud of me he is and how exciting it is to follow my Olympic experience. It sure makes you feel good and is a reminder of where it all started.”

Stencil reflects on time at OC, “one greeting can change someone’s life”

“I love the kids,” Littleton said. “I have grown attached to them and I just love greeting everyone every morning. One greet can change someone’s life, so that’s what I do. When people have something they are stressed about, we pray about it and I tell them it is going to be okay. This is school, this is college and you are supposed to be stressed out a little bit, because that is part of life.”

OC campus responds to Trump’s alleged remarks

“That one individual’s comments do not reflect the beliefs of our country, our local community, our campus or our church community,” Jones said. “I want our international students to know that every student is welcome here. We pride ourselves on being a very diverse student body. I hate it, because he says things like this and gets to go away and do his own thing, but we have to find a way to live together.”

Students encouraged to get flu vaccine in light of new data

“You come back from break and you are used to being in your own home, around your own family and suddenly, you come back to school and you are surrounded by over 2,000 people everyday,” Becker said. “You are sharing cafeteria trays and forks, people are coughing into their hands and touching doorknobs and together with all the stress and tiredness, I think it all just meshes together for people to start coming down with the flu.”