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Posts published by “Madison Hagood”

Homecoming 2018 Executive Director announced

“This year, we are going to really try to encourage students to go to the alumni breakfasts and just provide them with the opportunity to interact with people who did go here, because I think that is so important. They can tell you how things have changed and you can have good conversations with them. When it comes to Homecoming in general, just come and get involved, because it is going to be a good time.”

“When I got here, I was finally considered part of the majority,” senior reflects on time at OC

“When I got here, I was finally considered part of the majority, in terms of finally being surrounded by other Christian people,” Reed said. “Just being out here with people who have similar mindsets and being able to find my inner circle was really important for me here at OC. In the Bible, Jesus had his 12 disciples and within that, his inner-circle, so I am glad I was able to find my group of people—that good group of friends I can go to in difficult times.”

Senior escapes ‘cultural bubble’ in solo trip to Egypt for spring break

“When you travel and experience other places, your eyes are truly opened to the world around you,” Robinett said. “People joke about the ‘OC bubble’ all the time, but I would argue that the ‘bubble’ a lot of us are in is so much bigger than that. I think many people get trapped inside a ‘cultural bubble’ and forget that there are other ways of doing things. I believe it is so important to get out there and experience as much of God’s creation as you can.”

“For athletes, by athletes;” alumnus runs professional fitness facility in OKC

“Our strength coach was kind of the founding father of strength and conditioning at the college level, and I just started learning a lot from him and bought into what he was doing,” Ka’aiohelo said. “So, when I saw how it changed my opportunities, I began thinking that I wanted to share some of that stuff when I was done playing ball. I knew that it worked for me—it was not something I read in a book—I actually got to live that experience and it motivated me to get out and learn more.”

Iota Kappa Phi becomes back-to-back Spring Sing champions

“All I can say is wow—it is hard to put into words,” Iota Spring Sing Director Jourdan Bruce said. “Knowing that we won first on the 50th year of Spring Sing and our 10th year as a club is a crazy thought, but then again, we put in so much work and so much time to make this possible. Being back-to-back champions feels amazing because we achieved our goal for our club.”