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Posts published by “Hannah Brewster”

Women Are Heroes, Too

This past weekend, Disney’s “Captain Marvel” hauled in $153 million in American ticket sales, making it the seventh best opening weekend of any of the…

It’s Time for a Change

When it comes to our personal care products, it is safe to say the large majority of us blindly trust our government to effectively regulate the ingredients in our everyday products. Unfortunately, it is time for us to open our eyes.

Stop the Inconsistency with Marijuana

This is not a system anyone in our country should be proud of, and it is one we should all agree needs serious reform. For some, smoking marijuana is a rite of passage for rebellious, youthful days, but for others, it is the reason why they were arrested and sent to jail.

Politicians Are People, Too

Political figures are human, and human means flawed. None of us are perfect, and we all share a variety of differing views, but this does not mean we have the right to attack our nation’s leaders.