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Oklahoma Christian unveils plans for new soccer facility

The Oklahoma Christian University men’s and women’s soccer teams have unveiled plans for a new locker room. It will be located on the players side of the field and is expected to be completed by August 2020.

Before having to use classrooms as their primary locker rooms, this addition will give them their own personal space to change clothes, relax and keep their belongings during games and throughout the normal school day.

“I am really excited for the new facility,” junior Carlos Trapero said. “It will provide a lot of amenities that we do not have right now, such as lockers and cool place to hang out with teammates.”

Having never had a facility before, the players are looking forward to having their own space.

“In my three years here, we have not had a facility, and I am really excited for it,” junior Chanie Scrivner said. “I feel as though this will allow us to really grow as a team and allow us to all hang out together more often as well will have a central location for all of us to be between games and practices.”

It will also allow for a better place to change and have team meetings before games and at halftime.

“Instead of having to leave the field and go to a classroom during halftime, we can just walk a little way and go into the locker room,” Trapero said. “It will be a lot more convenient.”

The locker room will also improve time management for both teams.

“It will be a lot easier being able to show up at the field and be able to get changed there rather than having to stress and get changed for practice before showing up,” junior Jesus Garcia said. “A lot of times I go straight from work to practice, so it will be nice to be able to change in the locker room [rather] than having to go back to my apartment and changing there, then going to the field.”

It will also help with recruiting, as a locker room and facility is standard for most schools, especially within the Lone Star Conference.

Players do not know exactly what to expect, but they are excited for whatever is ahead.

“I do not know the exact layout of the facility, but I am just excited to have one,” Garcia said. “Any type of facility we are given I will be extremely thankful for; I cannot wait.”

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