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Seniors prepare for graduation next week

As graduation season begins nationwide, seniors are heading off to begin the next chapter of their lives and close the pages on their college years.

Oklahoma Christian University’s graduation will conclude the spring semester on April 26th. The morning commencement for the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural and Health Sciences will begin at 10:30 a.m. in the Payne Athletic Center. The afternoon commencement for the College of Biblical Studies, the College of Business Administration and the College of Engineering and Computer Science will be held at 2:30 p.m.

At Oklahoma Christian, the idea of graduating college is starting to settle in to the minds of the seniors. Some said they are sad to go, but others are excited to move onward to the future.

One of these seniors is Ashley Holland, a history major with a minor in interior architecture.

Holland is planning to go abroad following graduation before pursuing her master’s degree in museum science in hopes of living out her dream of designing museum exhibits.

“Short term, I will be living in Vienna, Austria, for two months, interning with a church and then returning to Edmond,” Holland said. “Long term, I will be working toward a master’s degree in museum science and pursuing my dream of designing museum exhibits.”

Holland said some of her fondest memories at Oklahoma Christian which stuck with her through the years were from Spring Sing.

“I hate to say Spring Sing, but participating in Spring Sing my sophomore year with Iota Kappa Phi has to be my favorite memory,” Holland said. “Winning was obviously great and exciting, but more than anything, that was the first time I had felt so loved by everyone I was surrounded by. Doing Spring Sing with my sisters, win or lose, just shows me the love that I’m surrounded by, and because of that, Spring Sing holds my fondest memories.”

Holland said she also wanted to offer some guidance to incoming freshmen on how to navigate the college life.

“Be friends to everyone,” Holland said. “It’s so tempting to try to immediately ‘find your people’ freshman year and spend all of your time with them. But reach out to everyone. Because honestly, your friend group changes so much sophomore year. Plus, who doesn’t love walking around campus and knowing someone everywhere you turn? It’s cheesy, but it’s so true—college will be some your best years, but it goes by in a flash.”

Another senior excited for what the future holds is Sam Morstain. Morstain is a general business major with a minor in communication studies.

Morstain is planning on staying in Oklahoma City, moving in with friends and starting the job he has lined up following graduation.

“I’m currently trying to get into a house with three of my friends in the Edmond area,” Morstain said. “I’m looking forward to a change of scenery, and I’m really excited to start my job in Oklahoma City.”

Morstain was one of the original Brew workers and said he has good memories of seeing one of the staples of campus blossom.

“It was a Wednesday night during finals week, and I had just taken my last final in college algebra,” Morstain said. “Later that night, I just worked a super chill shift and got to see a beautiful sunset with some of my close friends, and that has always stuck with me.”

Similar to Holland, Morstain said he also has wisdom to pass on to the new generation of Eagles coming in.

“Pay attention to everything,” Morstain said. “There is a lesson in every situation. There is something to be gained in every experience, and if you look for it broadly, you can find truth in all things.”

Doors open for the commencement ceremonies at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

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