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Soundings staff prepares for spring publication

Soundings, Oklahoma Christian University’s literary and visual arts journal, prides itself on providing students, faculty and alumni with an outlet for their artistic works through an annual printed publication. This semester, junior Lisa Pergi will serve as senior editor of the journal. Other staff members include Paige Holmes as copy editor and Elizabeth Killough as the social media administrator.

Pergi said she is looking most forward to seeing all the new submissions to the journal this semester.

“Soundings always does a really great job of getting submissions,” Pergi said. “[There’s] a wide variety of topics and styles, and I think that is the most exciting thing as an editor – seeing what everyone is thinking about on campus and seeing that put into a creative outlet.”

Holmes said she also shares the excitement of Pergi when talking about the new submissions coming in this semester.

“The spring semester is always the most exciting for Soundings,” Holmes said. “I can’t wait to see all of the submissions and planning Unveiling in April will be great. We have a really good team this semester, and I think we’ll be able to produce something great. I’m excited to see how it all turns out.”

Holmes said she is also looking forward to the new staff and how this change will reflect in the journal this semester.

“We’ve brought some new staff members in for the spring semester, which is a large change on its own,” Holmes said. “The new staff brought a lot of their own ideas to the journal that we’re getting ready to implement in the coming weeks.”

This semester, Pergi said she would like to see Soundings host fundraisers, like the upcoming bake sale, to benefit the publication.

“We want to do some big fundraisers this semester, which isn’t something we normally do during the spring semester,” Pergi said. “We’re having a bake sale next week.”

Pergi started at Soundings as an intern her freshman year, where she said her appreciation for the journal and the community expanded and inspired her to become more involved.

“I applied, and I had no idea what it was, but I have always liked art and being creative,” Pergi said. “So, I guess being able to support that community appealed to me.”

Holmes also interned with the publication her freshman year before transitioning into the role of copy editor last spring.

“I interned with Soundings during my freshman year and had a blast with it,” Holmes said. “Literary journals are a great way to showcase creativity, so it’s a wonderful thing for OC to have one of its own. Not many people know a whole lot about Soundings, but it’s a great organization and a good opportunity to get some good real-world experience while enriching the campus community.”

Going into this spring, Killough said she is proud to be a part of the process.

“I am excited to be able to work in an organization that highlights the talents and art that God gave people on our campus,” Killough said. “I love readings and admiring the gifts God has given people around me that I didn’t know they had.”

Submissions for the journal are open on the website until Feb. 11.

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