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Spring Sing 2019 theme asks “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

Through this year’s Spring Sing theme, Executive Director senior Jenni Jones wants to allow social service clubs to do what they love. The theme, ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’, aims to bring back a Spring Sing show where the executive theme does not affect or limit clubs’ choices.

Jones said when considering an overall theme for this year’s show, she wanted the clubs’ performances to have more diversity.

“Back before the theme of ‘Wonderful World of OC,’ clubs just got to choose whatever [theme] they wanted,” Jones said. “We’re trying to steer more toward what that was and give clubs more freedom. That way, the shows clubs are doing are not all the same type of thing.”

In March, the 50th anniversary show of Spring Sing featured 10 hosts, and, while Jones said the executives have talked about having that many hosts again, they will wait until auditions to decide on a specific number.

“I think there’s pros and cons for having a smaller amount and larger amount of hosts,” Jones said. “If we say it’s going to be a smaller number and then there’s a larger number of really great people, then we don’t want to cut people off who could still be great.”

The hosts, who perform between club acts, will sing love songs to showcase a wide range of genres, according to Jones. Additionally, she said she hopes the diversity of the show will make it unique and different from recent years.

“I was pretty impressed with the clubs’ choices,” Jones said. “It’s not going to be totally Disney this year, which I have a love-hate relationship with because I love Disney, but I do get that they’re all things we’ve all seen before.”

Jones co-directed Gamma Rho’s Spring Sing show last year and said her experience as a director will help her on the executive side of things. Knowing how stressful coordinating a show can be, Jones said she wants to cater to the clubs’ needs.

“[I want to be] able to take things off of their shoulders and just give them someone to talk to,” Jones said. “And in director’s meetings, not throwing so much information at them at once, giving them more time to figure things out, because they’re going to be really stressed but it’s also so fun.”

Jones said she has most of her executive team picked, including Reid Reding as club coordinator, Maegan Becker as assistant director, Tyler Clark as executive producer, Garon Shuck and James Leeper as tech directors, Haleigh Evans as host and hostess costume designer, Taylor Emerinethe as lobby designer, Riley McKnight as advertising, Paige Arter as the philanthropy head and Ethan Williams as treasurer.

In addition to the traditional executive positions, Jones has added a marketing coordinator to take care of the last minute problems, which usually fall to the executive director or student events coordinator Amanda Watson.

Reding said he is excited about this year’s show because all the club themes are not related to each other in any way. According to Reding, he also thinks Jones will make a great executive director.

“She has a lot energy, and she’s very on top of things and organized,” Reding said. “I directed [Freshman] Fanfare with her sophomore year and she was always one step ahead of anything Amanda needed or we needed to do.”

The 51st Spring Sing show will take place March 1-2.

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