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SGA Weekly Update: September 1

The Student Government Association (SGA) met on Aug. 30 to discuss enrollment, the 2023-24 SGA budget and upcoming events. 

Chief Enrollment Officer Jeff Abramson explained his vision for enrollment at Oklahoma Christian University.

“My goal and vision for this place is to see it grow in a responsible way which allows you guys to look back on something you’re proud of,” Abramson said.  

Abramson went on to mention ways students can get involved. 

“My big ask for you guys is if you see new people walking around campus, stop and say hello,” Abramson said. “Hold the door for new people who you don’t recognize. This creates a culture, and it’s a way you guys can lead.” 

Abramson also spoke on the importance of prayer. 

“The best thing we can do is pray like crazy for God to bring the right students here,” Ambramson said. 

Next, the 2023-24 budget was presented.

Lastly, Eagle Eye announced upcoming events. The athletics fair is on Monday from 11-1 p.m. and women’s soccer plays at 2 p.m. on Sept. 2. 

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