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Oklahoma Christian students share tips to exercising and staying fit during COVID-19

With new ordinances being released across the United States, most cities have ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses, including gyms and workout facilities.

Citizens have been encouraged to stay at home, limit going places and stay six feet away from others. Even Nike has released a new campaign in the midst of this pandemic encouraging people to stay inside. Giannis Antetokounmpo, an NBA player for the Milwaukee Bucks and a spokesperson for Nike, released this statement on his Twitter on March 21, “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.”

While these initiatives have limited the ways students normally exercise, many Oklahoma Christian University students have found unique ways to exercise and stay fit while at home.

Junior soccer player Corina Marin, who lives in Hickory Creek, TX, said she is using this time to prepare for next season by setting up a workout plan with her family.

“We have a workout space in the garage,” Marin said. “My mom and sister also love to get out and run with me.”

While Marin has enjoyed the sunshine outside in Texas, other soccer athletes in Oklahoma are using their television to do in-home workouts during the rain. Seniors Oby Okeke and Kylee Ingalls practiced relaxing yoga to exercise their minds and bodies during this time.

Other students have also been maintaining healthy lifestyles, and some have even introduced new routines into their day during this time of quarantine.

Junior soccer player Naomi Reagan said she has found creative ways to maintain her soccer skills while also staying in shape for the fall season.

“I have been going to an empty soccer field to play, run and do body weight exercises,” Reagan said.

Go for a run or walk outside. If you are near trails, go for a hike. Senior Addison Schwamb, who lives in Colorado, said she has been taking advantage of this time at home to do some hiking around her home.

Senior Emma Duncan, who is currently under a ‘Stay Home Work Safe order’ in her hometown of Houston, TX, said she has become a “home athlete” in the last few weeks.

“Most days, I enjoy walks or bike rides with my family on a trail in neighborhood,” Duncan said.

While Duncan coined the term “home athlete,” senior Daniel Esparza said he would echo the phrase to describe his new exercise habits.

“I have been watching and working out with exercise videos in my house,” Esparza said.

A lot of America has adopted the same practices as Esparza. According to Peter Suciu of Forbes Magazine, people have turned to social media for their workouts and exercise regiments, which also assists in motivation and the social engagement aspect normally experienced at a gym.

Many fitness instructors and trainers started offering their plans and tutorials on social media outlets free of charge to help people during the coronavirus quarantine.

Actor Chris Hemsworth started his own workout and nutrition company called Centr.

“As one of Hollywood’s leading men, Chris is known for diverse roles that require dynamic physical transformation,” Centr’s website states. “He attributes much of his success to a healthy lifestyle backed by a team of world-class experts in fitness, nutrition and wellness. With Centr, his team is now your team.”

When the coronavirus hit, Hemsworth issued a promotion and is offering his program for free for six weeks, valued at $30 per month. The offer ends Tuesday, March 31.

Whether it is running, hiking, walking outside or working out alongside videos or yoga instructors, make sure to stay healthy and keep exercising during this quarantine.

According to, exercise will also improve your mood and reduce stress, which is vital during this time of uncertainty and chaos: “Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. It can reduce your stress and symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.”

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