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Eagle of the Week Feb. 9 – Feb. 16

Senior Trevor Norby is Eagle of the Week this week following a third-place finish at the California State-San Marcos Fujikura Invitational. This finish placed Norby as the top finisher from a Divison II school program out of the entire tournament. Norby shot an even-par on the par-72 course.

Norby answered some questions regarding himself and the tournament.

How do you feel about your performance at the tournament?

The name of the game is to win and it always hurts to put yourself in position and not close it out, but I lost to two of my close friends that I played with at San Diego State so I’m sure I’ll be given a hard time when I get back. That’s all part of it and can’t wait to get going again. The learning experience and all we can do is get ready for San Antonio and Vegas, looking forward to the postseason.

What do you do to keep yourself locked in throughout a tournament?

I always try to stay loose talking to my playing partners. When you’re on the golf course for 10 hours on a 36-hole day you can’t focus every minute. I have worked really hard at being able to focus for two-minute periods around when I am hitting a golf shot. It saves you so much energy in the long run, and also allows you to think about other things when you’re playing really well, or even worse.

What’s your favorite club?

My favorite club is my putter. I have used it for years and even though there are times when you struggle, it will always be in the bag.

What do you think is your biggest strength on the course?

 I think my biggest strength is my ability to go out onto the course and find a way to score. I feel that I can compete and mentally find a way to get myself around the golf course in a way that will usually keep me within striking distance in the golf tournament. Never giving up when you don’t have your best stuff is huge. Always grind.

 How do you feel about the team this year?

 We have a very good team this year. Coach Lynn has done a tremendous job recruiting talent that can all help us when called upon. Coming off the fall season we have a very deep team with 8 or 9 guys that can all shoot under par. I know that there isn’t a team out there that I would say is deeper than us when we’re playing well.

 Who is your biggest inspiration?

 My Mom and my Dad are my biggest inspirations. They have given me strength when I needed it most, and I know they are two of the toughest people I know. They have overcome so much in the last 10 years and our family has remained incredibly strong. Without them, there is no way I could be where I am and just hope to have the work ethic and selflessness they show on a daily basis.

 What is your go-to pregame song before playing?

 Honestly, I don’t usually listen to music when I am warming up. I tend to listen to music during my morning routine waking up, and then on the van ride to the course. Usually, my go-to is classic rock and try to find a beat or song that I kind of sing all day while walking the course. Van Halen and Led Zeppelin usually find a way into that playlist every time though.

 What is your favorite post-tournament food?

 I will eat chipotle anytime, anywhere; especially after a long day on the golf course.


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