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Eagle of the Week: Oct. 27 – Nov. 3

Trevor Norby, a senior interdisciplinary studies major and golfer, was named Eagle of the Week following a win on Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Jerry Hrncair Invitational. Out of 100 players, Norby secured the win with an overall score of 141, beating five players by only one stroke.

Norby answered questions for the Talon about the tournament and himself.

How does it feel to get a win your senior year?

It feels really good to get a win this semester. I’ve been dealing with some nagging pains that I had to push through and to get one in the fall is just the kind of confidence booster you need to grind through the off-season and post a really good spring season.

What do you attribute your win to?

Mental toughness. I haven’t been able to practice as much as I had wanted hours-wise, so I had to make the quality of the practice as good as I possibly could. Taking that thought process onto the course, of getting the most out of each shot, not taking certain chances, taking others, seemed to help me continually make the right choice on the course.

 The golf team has had a lot of success this year. How does that change the team chemistry?

The team chemistry is honestly built around everyone just giving each other a hard time. Everyone in the team has either a tremendous sense of humor, or a horrible one depending on how you look at it, and everything just seems to fit. I know all of us just want to beat the other guys on the team, and if everyone tries to go out and beat the brains of your teammates, then we aren’t really worried about the results. Those just kind of happen. It’s been working so far, and we’re probably not going to change it.

What has been the defining moment so far in your golf career?

I’d have to say conference championship last year, final round. I didn’t win the tournament, but I made a 15-foot birdie putt as the last player on the course to get the team the conference championship title by one, as well as get into a playoff individually with my teammate Andres Brictson. Although he birdied the first hole of the playoff and won, making that putt when I needed to for the team is always special. Plus, it’s fun to jab back and forth with Andres and Coach about who really won that tournament. Overall, just a day, week and a team I’m never going to forget.

What’s your favorite club?

My putter. I’ve had her in the bag for the better part of seven years, and when it’s going good, there’s not a piece of metal that looks prettier.

How do you stay positive during a bad round?

To me, staying positive throughout a round is pretty easy. I’ve been through a bunch of stuff in the past, both physically and mentally that makes any day I’m on the golf course special. A really bad sense of humor also helps to make the best of any bad situation you can find yourself in on the golf course. Regardless of how bad the last shot was, you still have a chance to hit a cool golf shot on the next one.

What is your favorite post-tournament food? 

 Outback Steakhouse with layered and crispy cheesy fries. That means it was a good week.




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