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Eagle Soccer Soaring So Far in 2022

Oklahoma Christian soccer is off to its best start in recent memory of the program. The Eagles are 6-0-1 with 21 goals scored in their first seven games.

This follows a tough stretch over the past few seasons. The Eagles have won one game in each of the last two seasons and their current six wins are more than any season since 2015. 

Second-year head coach Mitchell Sowerby has his team is playing better than any team in recent memory at Oklahoma Christian.

“We are experiencing a lot of growth with all of our new players,” Sowerby said. “But we are an exciting team to watch.” 

Sowerby said the team’s first win of the season, on Aug. 25, was the first away win in three years for Oklahoma Christian soccer.

“We had not won an away game in three years and changed that with our first game of the season,” Sowerby said.

The Eagles have shown the ability to score goals and put pressure on defenders. Scoring 11 goals in their first two games and 21 total places them at the top of the Lone Star Conference. Freshman Daniel Gutierrez leads the conference in individual goals with seven. 

“It feels great to get off to this start both for myself and the team, to be honest, I did not really see it going this way,” Gutierrez said. “But I am not focused on personal stats.” 

The high-powered offense begins with the team’s aggressive mindset combined with the ability to possess the ball. This puts pressure on the defense which leads to scoring chances. 

“I am confident in our offense and our ability to possess the ball,” Gutierrez said. “ We move the ball well and really work well as a unit.”

The competition and intensity in practice has shifted the attitude of this program. No spots are guaranteed game to game and players are competing for minutes every practice.

“No one’s spot is guaranteed and everyone knows that,” Gutierrez said. “We have a lot of good players and that has allowed us to be a competing and intense group.”

This attitude in practice makes its way onto the field.

“We are a team that is entertaining, committed, and passionate,” Sowerby said. “Our goal is to be an attacking team that makes soccer fun for everyone in attendance.”

Sowerby mentioned the challenges this team has been through dating back to last season adding to the attitude within the group.

“This team has been through a lot with multiple challenges coming at us this year,” Sowerby said. “Every game presents a new challenge and that is something that we welcome.”

Gutierrez warns the Eagles are not done and a new era of Oklahoma Christian soccer is upon us. 

“Expect more of what you have been seeing,” Gutierrez said. “We’re gonna score a lot of goals and win games.”

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