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Matthews Takes Over as Sports Information Director

Beginning in the fall 2022 semester, Kregg Matthews took over as the Sports Information Director at Oklahoma Christian University after Murray Evans resigned after 11 years. 

The Sports Information Director provides a communication channel between Oklahoma Christian and the NCAA, the Lone Star Conference, other schools around the country, and even local media at times. In addition, Matthews now oversees the social media presence, gameday experience, and content on the Oklahoma Christian athletics website. 

Matthews takes over as Sports Information Director after working as Evans’ assistant leading up to the promotion. Matthews spoke highly of his mentor during his time.

“[The] biggest thing he preached was to not do anything you cannot do consistently,” Matthews said. “He held a high standard for what he did and a high standard for what we do here.”

Coming into the position, Matthews said he does not want the standard for the athletic department to be division II level just because of  where the school is at. He wants to strive for bigger and better things.

“The only thing division II about us is our conference,” Matthews said. “I do not want that to be the standard.”

Matthews spoke on the importance of athletics in a university. Not only on campus but across the country.

“Athletics are the front porch of the university,” Matthews said. “The Eagle logo travels more and nobody is going to see it more than through athletics.”

The newly appointed Matthews has already put plans in motion for the athletic department to achieve his goals including enhancing its social media presence. He has started a student-hosted podcast, The Talon Talk, that reviews and looks ahead to the week in Oklahoma Christian sports. This is in addition to the weekly feature, Trail Talks, which highlights a different athlete every week. 

Trail Talks can be found on all Oklahoma Christian athletics social media pages while Talon Talk on Spotify and Apply Podcasts 

“I am trying to incorporate things on campus within our social media,” Matthews said. “I hope people are starting to see a change with what we are doing.”

Other changes Matthews has in mind regards campus sporting events. He plans to continue the growth of social media platforms as well as including giveaways and games in between time outs to draw students to games. Mathews said  winning games is the biggest factor when it comes to getting students in the building.

“I’m trying to make sure the campus knows what’s going on and then provide a fun, entertaining environment,” Matthews said. “But winning does help and when we start winning people come.” 

Matthews said volleyball starting 6-1 and men’s soccer starting 5-0-1 has provided a burst of energy across campus.

“I feel like there is energy on campus to build on to get people involved,” Matthews said. “This place has a chance to be really fun.”

Matthews said winning makes his job of getting students into  the games easy.

“They say winning cures all and we are going to find out if that is true,” Matthews said “We are going to win and people will show up.”

Though a big part, the position of Sports Information Director is more than social media. It is constant communication with the marketing of student athletes.

“I’m learning a lot of things on the fly that [Evans] handled that past 11 years.” Matthews said. 

Matthews knows sports bring resources to a university that nothing else can rival. He is trying to enhance the department even further.

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