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Oklahoma Christian soccer to get new locker room

Oklahoma Christian University’s mens and womens soccer are finally getting their long awaited facilities: locker rooms along with bathrooms for players and fans. 

The soccer athletes said they are excited about their new facility and have been for quite some time.

“When I first heard that we were getting a locker room I thought we were getting pranked,” junior Natalie Thomas said. “We have been wanting one for years and could never find the money for it. It still never felt real though until they broke ground for it and started construction.”

The belief around the program is these new facilities will increase team chemistry and possibly improve performance. 

“I am excited to finally have our own space because it will foster more team unity,” junior Naomi Reagan said. “I believe the women’s soccer team has the most depth and potential that I’ve been a part of thus far, so owning our own space seems like the right reflective step for our program to grow.”

Senior Carlos Trapero agreed with Reagan’s statement and believes the new facility will

help to foster growth on the men’s team as well.

“I think it will improve the cohesion and togetherness of the team and will make our program better,” Trapero said.

In addition to bringing chemistry to the current roster, the new building will help recruiting and boost the team’s future, said current players.

“It will help with future recruitment processes bringing more to offer which will also benefit the team. I think this will bring a lot to the soccer community at OC on the men’s and women’s side,” sophomore Isabel Brazil said. 

Sophomore Joonhoo Kim said the new locker room will help in making practices more effective.

“I think the new locker room will enhance our practice and recovery time which will prepare us to go out and win games,” Kim said.

This is the first time in school history that the soccer team will have its own facility and locker room all to itself with a place to relax before games.

“We are also obviously excited to have our own space, but more importantly our own secluded area on the campus that is only for soccer,” Thomas said. “We see how other sports have their own locker rooms and hang out in there together, so we are thrilled to have our own space to do the same finally.”

Public restrooms are also included in the new building. People attending games no longer have to run across the street to the Prince Engineering Center to use the restroom.

Excitement is high throughout the program, and rightfully so. The new facilities promise to be a strong addition to the soccer program at Oklahoma Christian.

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