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Quiet Place chapel, a sanctuary for reflection

Editors Note: To increase opportunities for spiritual development, more than 11 different chapels are offered at Oklahoma Christian University. Assistant Features Editor Cynthia Knox organized this series to provide insight and encourage attendance of alternative chapels available to students. These stories were executed by students in a sophomore-level journalism class. We would like to thank the sponsors for their willingness to share their chapel with the Talon. If you attend this chapel, please comment and share your experience with the Oklahoma Christian community. 

By: Christian Franklin

A place to relax to reflect through mediation and self-examination, Quiet Place chapel serves as an alternative for “Big Chapel” for Oklahoma Christian University students.

Quiet Place is widely known for its unique approach to worship. The hope for Oklahoma Christian’s Quiet Place chapel is for members of the campus community to become better prepared to live complete lives, infused by God.

Gary Lindsey, who founded Quiet Place in fall 2012, said he believes the structure of the chapel is important for students.

“When the students walk in, I give them a list that has prayer requests on the front and several brief scriptures on the back,” Lindsey said. “I go over that list in detail, explain to them that is important to write in their journals if they have one and that this is a time to reflect on who they are and where they are with God. We end with a closing prayer around 11:15.”

Quiet Place is held in the Adams Recital Hall, located in the Garvey Center, every Tuesday at 11 a.m. The total attendance of students each week varies. The recital hall can seat a couple hundred students, leaving room for each student to find a place to quietly meditate and reflect on their spiritual needs.

Lindsey said he is hopeful that this chapel will increase in attendance as more people find out about its mission.

“This chapel is open to anybody,” Lindsey said. “The fewest number I’ve probably ever had in Quiet Place chapel would range from 20-25 students. At one time, I had nearly 60-70 students, which is quite a few. I hope to someday fill every seat, which would be close to 200 students.”

Senior engineering major Peter Miller is a regular attendee and said he enjoys the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere Quiet Place provides.

“I attend Quiet Place chapel because I enjoy having a time in my busy day to pray and read the Bible, and let God shape my emotions for even just a small part of the day,” Miller said. “It’s a practice that normal chapel doesn’t quite get and it really makes me more aware of God for the day.”

Senior Sisay Gillock said he believes Quiet Place has helped him in his time of need and reaching out to God.

“I’m a senior, so I’m in the process of looking for a job after I graduate,” Gillock said. “I worry about what’s going to happen, and the verse I read in Quiet chapel last week spoke to me specifically and made me realize that I don’t need to worry because God has everything in control.”

Quiet Place chapel stands out among the other chapels Oklahoma Christian and offers a unique religious experience for students. Through meditation and quiet time with the Lord, students not only connect with their spirituality, but can also discover their purpose in God’s plan.

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