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Move over Starbucks, the Brew has secret drinks, too

As part of the Brew’s goal to make Oklahoma Christian University exude a welcoming atmosphere, the Brew baristas are customizing and creating drinks tailored to each individual customer. These new drinks, also referred to as “secret drinks” are slowly becoming more popular, with three currently floating around the coffee shop.

Brew Manager Cary Verner said he did not originally plan to put the secret drinks on the menu, since they are ever-changing, but, due to their increased popularity, is now considering creating a printout of the secret drinks, so he can easily modify the drinks based on availability.

“I don’t want people to think we are being exclusive because that is actually the opposite of what we want,” Verner said. “We strive to be inclusive. We want everyone to feel welcomed and invited.”

Concerning the recent experimentation, senior Brew barista Madeline Roseke said creating new drinks is exciting, especially when one creates the “big new drink.” Roseke said her personal favorite is a London Fog, or what she calls, “A Hug in a Mug.”

“We love creating things,” Roseke said. “It is kind of like a tasty kind of art. It is fun trying different flavors and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Most of the ideas come from baristas trying to create a new drink for themselves, and then it continues to get better and better.”

Senior barista Aaron Zahn said workers are always looking to make new drinks. He said they recently came up with the new “Hot Apple Pie,” but have decided to sample it before officially adding it to the Brew’s menu.

“I would say that we think up new drinks for the same reason anyone would, because it is fun,” Zahn said. “We also are open to suggestions from customers on how we can expand our variety or how we can improve our products.”

“Secret” Drinks Currently Available:

Bloody Sunday: Latte with Irish Crème, Caramel, and Vanilla

Brown Bear: Latte with Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, and Caramel

London Fog (Hug in a Mug): Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla and Steamed Milk

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