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Advantages of Concurrent Courses

For high school students nearing graduation and considering university, many explore options like concurrent courses. 

In fall 2021, Oklahoma Christian University enrolled 48 students in concurrent courses. David Roberts, the secondary principal at Oklahoma Christian Academy, said students who take concurrent courses will have an advantage when they enter university full time. 

“Concurrent courses give them [students] experience with the breadth and depth in college courses,” Roberts said. 

Students looking for an accelerated education could make their college debut through concurrent courses at Oklahoma Christian. “We are trying to grow the program,” Roberts commented. 

Concurrent courses give students the opportunity to be on an accelerated educational path. High school senior Benjamin Chippeaux said he plans to be a year ahead when he graduates high school.

“Taking concurrent classes certainly puts me ahead,” Chippeaux said. “Hopefully after next semester, my concurrent hours combined with my AP classes will start me out as a first-year sophomore.”

Entering college is a big step many students are intimidated by even after high school graduation. However, for Hampton and Chippeaux Oklahoma Christian has offered a welcoming environment.

“The campus has a very friendly feel and all the people I’ve met are pretty nice,” Chippeaux said. 

High school senior Joy Hampton said there are ways to succeed in concurrent courses. 

“If I just do the work and speak with the professors about any questions, then the classes are not too stressful,” Hampton said.

Both Chippeaux and Hampton said they are treated no different than full-time students by other students or professors. 

“I feel like I am treated in a fair and friendly manner compared to other students here at Oklahoma Christian. Students don’t really notice you are a concurrent student until you bring it up in icebreakers,” Hampton said. “I appreciate that the professors still hold me to the same standards and expectations like every other student.”

Roberts said professors are mindful of high school student’s differing schedules from college students.

“I appreciate the flexibility of the professors–they accommodate our high school students’ activity schedules,” Roberts said. “They also synthesize faith and learning.”

Hampton said having the opportunity to join higher level courses helps motivate her for the future.

“As a senior, motivation and feeling burnout is a huge struggle; other seniors can relate to this,” Hampton said. “Having a college course is refreshing because it helps you to see past high school.” 

Chippeaux said he appreciates the freedom which comes with concurrent enrollment. 

“I get to choose what classes I want to take as opposed to high school classes where I get little choice,” Chippeaux said.

Taking concurrent courses during high school can aid students in their decision making for what to study in college. While Chippeaux said he is unsure of his final destination, he is at least considering attending Oklahoma Christian after he graduates high school.

 “My friends on campus have been doing their best to persuade me to attend full time, and they have been pretty convincing,” Chippeaux said. “I also like how Oklahoma Christian is much smaller than state universities.”

Hampton said her time at Oklahoma Christian has benefited her, even though it might not be her home after high school. 

“Although I do like Oklahoma Christian and the community, my plans are to attend a different university after I graduate high school,” Hampton said. “I am excited to travel farther away from home for college and to experience a larger school. Taking classes at Oklahoma Christian has confirmed and strengthened this desire.” 

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