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Alumni Spotlight: An insight into Lana Reynolds

Oklahoma Christian University alumnus Lana Reynolds has gone above and beyond in her career. Reynolds currently serves as president of Seminole State College.

During her time studying at Oklahoma Christian from 1977 to 1981, Reynolds said her experiences prepared her for her career.

“I have always in some way been a part of public and community relations. It is a real passion to me,” Reynolds said. “I am very proud of the education I got at Oklahoma Chrisitian and experiences I got with the Talon.”

Reynolds began her first leadership opportunity as the editor-in-chief of the Talon newspaper at Oklahoma Christian.

“I think it really shaped my career and prepared me as a writer, speaker and educator. It was a great experience,” Reynolds said. “I lean on those things that I learned almost daily.”

Professor of English and Honors, Scott LaMascus, worked with Reynolds as student reporter while she was editor-in-chief.

“She was my role model as an editor-in-chief of the Talon,” LaMascus said. “I would often consciously and subconsciously ask myself ‘how would Lana handle this?’ and I modeled much of what I did after Lana Reynolds.”

Reynolds graduated with a degree in English/writing at Oklahoma Christian and then went on to receive her masters in journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

“It is all due to communication,” Reynolds said. “Experiences I had in college from how to publicize things and how to communicate are all things I was able to take away from Oklahoma Christian.”

LaMascus said Reynolds always worked well with her peers and made sure to foster a great sense of community.

“Lana was always professional during those days; she was always a lot of fun,” LaMascus said. “She always knew her role as a student journalist and played it faithfully and seriously.”

The different leadership roles Reynolds has taken up have provided ways for her to give back to Oklahoma Christian. This became especially apparent when she was appointed to Oklahoma Christian’s board of trustees.

“I think I bring a little bit of a different perspective to the board of trustees because I can certainly empathize with administration,” Reynolds said. “I understand some of the conflicts with having to keep a board, students and the community happy.”

Reynolds is involved in the community with activities ranging from helping with the Seminole Children’s Museum to the Chamber of Commerce.

“She also has a personal warmth that is extremely winsome,” LaMascus said. “It has got to be one of the secrets of her success that she just loves people, and she is a servant leader that I admire and is most highly successful.”

Reynolds said she hopes to share what she learned at Oklahoma Christian to the people she meets daily.

“Oklahoma Chrisitian was small enough that it made me feel at home,” Reynolds said. “I felt safe and secure. I was also given a chance to shine and be involved in things as much as I wanted to.”

LaMascus said she has a numerous amount of personable and professional skills which allow her to fully devote her time where she is needed most.

“The generosity of that time is really incalculable because if you think about it, the president is giving up her precious time away from the campus and her duties in a way that makes it harder to get caught up,” LaMascus said.

Reynolds said journalism was a big part of her education and lifestyle.

“I learned to be as objective as possible. I always felt that it is important to tell stories whether on campus or a story about a student that can really impress and inspire someone,” Reynolds said. “I think it is an important function of our society to communicate and communicate fairly and objectively.”

LaMascus said he would describe Reynolds as an encouragement to every person she communicates with.

“Servant leaders can be successful for a very long time in one place or one home because others can see that the person is not in it for themselves, they are in it for the mission of the institution,” LaMascus said. “They are in it for the community and that is just who Lana is.”

Reynolds will continue to serve as the president at Seminole State College while also staying involved at Oklahoma Christian.

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