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An Introduction to 2023’s Spring Sing Band

Oklahoma Christian University will host their annual Spring Sing show the first weekend of March. The Spring Sing band, consisting of nine members, will be performing in the show. 

Sophomore Audrey Johnson, who plays electric and upright bass, said the band is forging a new path with its unique song selection. 

“One way we are making the show different from past years is using harder music,” Johnson said. “We are featuring more music from musicals than in past years.”

Johnson said playing in the pop genre during Spring Sing is also a refreshing change from band music.

“I enjoy playing pop music a lot,”  Johnson said. “I enjoy classical and jazz too, but it’s nice to have a change, especially when you are playing songs you already know.”

Johnson said differences in the band are disregarded when the group comes together to play music. 

“We are all very different. All in different clubs, different majors, different classifications, all with different likes and interests, but we are all brought together to play music we love,” Johnson said. “I’m so excited for everyone to see the work we’ve been doing.” 

Freshman Markus Houghton is the band’s drummer. Houghton said the band has expanded its size due to the unique horn section. 

“From what I understand about past years, our band is a lot bigger. We have nine members. We also have five horns, which account for over half our members,” Houghton said. “Having so many horns will make a bigger and better sound.”

Houghton said the hard work put into the show is all thanks to the directors of the band. 

“I think people should know we have tried very hard and put in a lot of effort to make this the best band yet,” said Houghton. “[Directors] Cameron and Aidan have done a fantastic job directing the band.”

The band’s director, Cameron Cox, said he is thankful for the band’s past Spring Sing director for pushing him to work just as hard. 

“I’m very fortunate the past band director, Spencer Banister, and I are very good friends,”  Cox said. “He has always made himself available to me as a mentor and friend and has always encouraged me to work hard.”

Cox said the band has been working alongside the hosts with difficult pieces of music. 

“I think people should know this music is challenging for everyone – hosts, band members and directors,” Cox said. “The band wouldn’t sound good without the hosts, but neither would the hosts without the band. Be sure to congratulate the whole music ensemble after each night for all their hard work.”

Cox said he is thankful for the band’s abilities and hopes the audience will enjoy the show. 

“I’m thoroughly impressed with everyone rising to the difficulty of the music and hope everyone will enjoy this year’s show,” Cox said.

Tickets for this year’s Spring Sing show can be found here.

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