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Who’s Who winner, Garrett Andrews, shares his story

Who’s Who Among Students is a national award that recognizes students who excel in scholastic achievement. At Oklahoma Christian University, 125 students reached the Who’s Who list. In an upper level journalism class, students interviewed 13 names off of the list.

By Caden Shores

English and Bible major Garrett Andrews has big plans for a future filled with writing and ministry.

Andrews is a fifth-year senior at Oklahoma Christian University. Born in Layton, UT on June 17, 1994, and Andrew’s has lived in a number of places throughout his life.

Both Andrews’s mother and father served as active members of the Air Force. Andrews’s mother left the Air Force before he was born and his father retired when he was five years old. According to Andrews, his father went on to serve for seven years in full-time ministry, which caused the family to move frequently.

Andrews said he has always found joy in books. He also said he hopes to someday write his own stories based around Christian faith, similar to famous authors C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.

As a current Oklahoma Christian student, Andrews is double majoring in Bible and English. After he graduates, Andrews said he plans to earn a master’s theology degree also from Oklahoma Christian.

In his undergraduate journey, Andrews has been a member of the Delta Gamma Sigma social service club. He previously served as chaplain and is currently the vice president of Delta Gamma Sigma, as well. He is also a part of Sigma Tau Delta, part of the Rho Mu chapter of the English Honors Society.

Q: You said that your parents were both in the Air Force. Is that where they met?

A: Yes and no. They were in the Air Force at different times. My dad was in Germany where my mom was stationed. He was working for a car shop and one day my mom came in to have her car fixed. He helped fix her car and actually told her that she was treating her car like crap and I guess somehow got a date out of it, and the rest is history.

Q: Are there any funny or embarrassing moments that stick out in your mind from your childhood?

A: There was one time when I was at summer camp as a junior counselor. I was fourteen and I had a crush on one of the older counselors, who was 19. One night, I thought it was the perfect time to tell her how I felt. As one might guess, she turned me down, and it still sometimes haunts me that I thought I had a chance.

Q: Did you already have a solid idea of what you wanted to be when you came to Oklahoma Christian?

A: I knew what my big passion was and that was writing. I loved making up stories from the pictures in my books as a kid growing up and it was something I was good at. The idea of making my own stories from nothing really brings me joy and I would definitely like to do that more in the future. That’s why I’m studying English as well as Bible.

Q: Do you see ministry in your future as well as writing?

A: It’s never really been a dream of mine, but I am equipped for ministry and have learned quite a bit throughout my life about ministry and the Bible. Being the fourth generation of preachers has made the possibility of becoming a minister inevitable in my mind.

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