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Meet the new presidents for the women’s clubs

As spring semester coming to a close, social clubs prepare for the following year by electing the next round of officers. Each social club undergoes a series of nominations, and the nominees give a speech to the club addressing his or her plans for the following year. As of April, clubs turned in their new list of officers and began making plans for next semester.

Rachel Parrett, president of Iota Kappa Phi for the 2018-19 school year. Photo by Allyson Hazelrigg.

Iota Kappa Phi

Rachel Parrett, Family Science/Human Development and Vocational Ministry

Throughout this year, Parrett watched current Iota president, Kelly Furlong, lead the club with “grace and kindness.” Serving as Iota’s vice president, Parrett had the chance to work closely with Furlong and get further insight on becoming Iota’s president.

“This club has been my support system these past two years, and I want to give back in whatever way I can,” Parrett said.

According to Parrett, Iota was founded as a “place where everyone was accepted” and she wants to cultivate Iota’s passion for acceptance by continuing to not have a cap on rush class size.

Some of Parrett’s favorite memories in Iota come from being a cheerleader at intramural games. Parrett said she had experience from being her high school mascot, and at intramural games, she is “in her element.”

“Throughout the years, I have made up cheers like singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ while waving our phone flashlights in the air, playing ringtone dubstep remix songs and singing ‘Down to the River to Pray,’” Parrett said. “I always wear our cheerleader/Belle skirts with pride.”

On campus, Parrett works as a campus tour guide and sings on the worship team at View63. She is also the co-founder of the Unify movement, a member of the President’s Leadership Class and holds other, various roles on campus. This fall, Parrett is co-directing Earn Your Wings alongside Chi Lambda Phi President, Ezra Emerson.

Savannah Mathews, president of Gamma Rho for the 2018-19 school year. Photo by Allyson Hazelrigg.

Gamma Rho

Savannah Mathews, Psychology

As president of Gamma, Mathews said she wants to continue the legacy of the previous president, Colby Lauxman. In addition, Mathews said she wants to work on moving away from any stereotypes of Gamma.

“Gamma girls are very diverse and different,” Mathews said. “We are not just one type of personality.”

This year, Gamma is celebrating ‘Year of the Green,’ and Mathews said she hopes to grow and cultivate the club, almost as a garden.

“Gamma is like a garden and the members are like fruits and vegetables,” Mathews said. “We are like a tasty salad—good separately, but together, we are even better.”

Most importantly, Mathews values Gamma’s sisterhood. She said finding a group on campus is important.

“It is nice to walk into any room and find a sister you can sit with,” Mathews said.

Last year, Mathews served as Gamma’s athletic director. On campus, Mathews works in the welcome center and gives tours.

Alexandria Worlow, president of Phi Omega Nu for the 2018-19 school year. Submitted photo.

Phi Omega Nu

Ali Worlow, International Business and Finance

Next year will serve as Phi’s fourth year as a social service club at Oklahoma Christian, meaning all charter members are graduating. During this transition of leadership, Worlow said she feels equipped to step in as Phi’s leader.

Prior to becoming president, Worlow served as deputy to the activities director, historian and on Phi’s president’s council. She attributes her experience on the president’s council as a way she could work closely with the previous presidents and gain a better understanding of Phi’s culture.

Worlow said she plans to keep the few traditions of the club, like the ‘flour-shower.’ During induction night, Phi divides into families.

“One of my favorite memories actually happened on induction night, “ Worlow said. “We all got in our families and created Phi-themed children’s books. Some of them were really funny, and I think we even still have them around somewhere.”

To Worlow, Phi is more than a social club—it is a family.

“Every girl in Phi-O is so caring and supportive,” Worlow said. “If there is ever a problem or someone in need, I know that there is someone to help.”

Worlow serves as secretary for the Oklahoma Christian Student Investment Fund and works as a barista at Starbucks.

Elizabeth Freeman, president of Theta Theta Theta for the 2018-19 school year. Submitted photo.

Theta Theta Theta

Elizabeth Freeman, History Pre-Law

After serving as Theta’s rush director last fall, Freeman said she has a good awareness of the members currently in her club. Since rushing, Freeman said becoming president has been in the back of her mind.

“I love to serve and lead, and more importantly, instill leadership roles in the people below us, Freeman said. “As president, I want to make sure I leave Theta in good hands.”

As rush director, Freeman said she had the ability to see members and rushees socialize and have genuine conversations. She said she “loves Theta’s love for Theta.”

“We are not just girls in a group,” Freeman said. “We are there for each other and we embrace our competitiveness and keep our traditions alive.”

Freeman said some of her favorite memories come from doing Theta’s ‘get pumped up’ chant and yelling the ‘all goes’ after intramurals.

“Theta means sisterhood, and sisterhood means being there for each other when things are hard,” Freeman said.

Freeman said she likes to set her goals high. She is a student-athlete on the golf team and is planning to attend law school after graduation. In addition, Freeman is vice president of the student athletic advisory committee (SAAC).

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